Timex Weekenders

A good deal to be sure, especially since one of these Weekenders


will set you back $80, and they can’t keep them in stock. If you like it, just buy the band, and buy one of these and make you own.

Timex is an honest watch company. They build a tough little watch that will hold up to every day use. And unlike Invicta, they don’t resort to bogus list prices to make you think you are getting some kind of screaming deal.

Having said that, this is a screaming deal.

I own a weekender and like it a lot. This is a good price. I like the stock bands and it will introduce you to the vast world of aftermarket NATO straps and such.

My one problem with this watch is it ticks VERY LOUDLY. TICK TICK. If you are in a quiet room you will hear it. If you leave it on your nightstand at bed time you will hear it. Mine is wrapped up in a sock on my dresser at night so it doesn’t drive me crazy. This problem prevents it from being my every day watch (working in a quiet office) but is my only reservation.

Same here. I have one. I really like it but it is beyond LOUD. If that bothers you then stay away from this watch. If not then this is a great watch at an awesome price.

Silly question, but are the metal banded ones meant for women’s wrists? I need a classy(ish) watch for work.

They say “unisex”. The case diameter is 38mm which is a small (by today’s standards) men’s watch, or I guess a large women’s. Both band width and case diameter a bit smaller than what I, a man, am wearing right now.

There is a women’s one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Timex-Womens-Weekender-Seafoam-Fabric-Strap-Indiglo-T2P073-/271257490839?pt=Wristwatches&hash=item3f2834d597
It’s 31mm, significantly smaller. I love the color of the one I posted, wish it came in 38mm :frowning:

I love my Timex Weekender but as others have indicated, it is the loudest watch I have ever heard. It doesn’t bother me during the day but at night sometimes I put in drawer because it is louder than most wall clocks.

Just ordered the Weekender with the nylon red/gray strap. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive knock-around watch for hiking/camping/etc … and it seems like this should work great.

I like the face of the purple band…
I like the band of the red/gray band…

I don’t have $30.
…or $15.

le sigh

though… if I’m lucky, they’ll still be available when I do have aforementioned monies.

My one problem with this watch is it ticks VERY LOUDLY. TICK TICK. . Mine is wrapped up in a sock on my dresser at night so it doesn’t drive me crazy. This problem prevents it from being my every day watch (working in a quiet office) but is my only reservation.

I dont get it…this watch is very loud…YET you keep it on the dresser wrapped in a sock…
How about leaving it in the kitchen or living room or bathroom or a closet or or or or

Don’t sit the watch down on a hard surface and you won’t have this problem. I had that issue also and then I put a leather coaster on my nightstand…problem solved.

These are very cool as retro watches, especially the silver ones with the NATO style bands. Definitely worth having one or two as accessories when you’re dressing in that style. I hope that doesn’t sound gay, because I’m not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s totally, completely fine to sound gay. But I missed out on that experience.

I wonder if they’ll edit that out. Oh, the watches, right. Guys should pay more attention to fashion. Watches are one of the few fashion accessories that guys can get away with wearing. A young guy, dressed office casual, wearing a watch like this, on a Friday - killer combination. It would say, “Yeah, I’m here, but at 5 I’m out the door and headed for a weekend of something fun and relaxing.”

Thanks for the “loud ticking” comments.

I have a Timex Indiglo model that is really quiet, so this must be the “B” line with the cheap movement in a nice case.

“Ticks like a dollar watch” still applies!

I’ll pass.

IMHO this is not true. E.g. if I am sitting in a quiet room and wearing it I can hear it ticking. Yes, the hard surface exacerbates the issue, but the telltale tick is audible to me irregardlessly. (cue shades dropping from sky)

Thats good advice, but I’m talking about it being loud while I’m WEARING IT! Seriously, if it’s quiet at work I have to take it off. I usually sleep with my watches on but my wife takes it off of me at night because she can’t sleep.

Bought the red/gray and purple bands. Picked up two Gerber knives also and paid $5 to ship all four. I am glad to see that deal is back.

Same here. That purple band will never get worn, but the replacement band I’m looking at for football weekends in Cincinnati (Black + Orange) would look sharp with the white faced watch.

I hate buying something when I know I’m going to throw half of it away. Wish there was an aftermarket for the band.

They aren’t Bengals colors, and they’re not cheap, but I love these bands for these watches:

Chromexcel or Cordovan. Look great and age nicely!