Timex XM Satellite Series Alarm Clock Radio with XM Antenna

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Timex XM Satellite Series Alarm Clock Radio with XM Antenna
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Timex XM Satellite Series Alarm Clock Radio TMX1A
  • 1 XM Antenna CNP-100

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here’s those… comparison shopping useful links… after the shortest woot-off in recent memory, woot bring the thunder… so nice.

I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it were Sirius…

how much is the subscription to xm radio?

this looks like a cool radio…

Wootoff is definitely finished. Screw this. XM? I’m not going to buy a radio that requires a subscription fee. Only a moron would do that.

Thats a nice looking satellite Radio. I wish satellite Radio was free. :slight_smile:

XM, sorry. No Howard Stern. Bababooie, bababooie, bababooie . . .

Can this use batteries and be portable ?

SIRIUS is the way to go!!! (better music programming)

XM Satellite is good, but I can’t wait until the merger between XM and Sirius. Then we can get everything for one price.

Oh boy…the 80’s are back…used to be alarm clocks with radios, phones, cd players…now they are ipods and satellite radios…good night!

didn’t sirius and xm merge? or one bought out the other?

Does the antenna need line of sight to the sky? anybody know?

Timex takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ when it comes to there watches. I have yet to hear anything about audio products. Anyone have personal experience ?

I bought this from wallyworld for hubby for fathers day. paid $79, had to get it online they didn’t have in the store. It took three weeks to get here but it was the best present I have ever bought. We take it camping in some really remote areas and have always gotten a signal. We love listening to the old time radio shows and the 50’s station.

Wow. What would a similar Timex alarm clock go for these days? I don’t ask much of my alarm clock, and I do most of my sat-radio stuff in the car or living room.

I’d suggest buying a portable sat radio (I have a Sirius) and then getting a small boombox for it. Then buy a cheap clock radio w/ line-in if you HAVE to wake up to your favorite satellite radio station.

XM Bad. Sirius Good. Babbabooey to you all!

R…U…KIDDING me? Almost makes me want a “Vector” something or the other!

BTW, in case someone else didn’t beat me to it, XM subscription is $12 month ($8 month for additional radios) – and NOT all stations are “commercial free”.

(Probation-worthy content removed.)

Been in the works. Still waiting here myself. Still Prefer free radio and Tv. Both on there way out. Thank you FCC.