Timey Wimey


truth in advertising…what you read is what you get? Ah, got it: it’s a new angle on you know WHO…

nice depth of text + perspective.

I think I should buy one of these for everybody in the party. Or at least, buy 3 of these and tell the rest to buy the rest. Seems like an appropriate attire.

one of my favorite episodes

Ahhh yes, another great Dr. Who tee. So I must ask…

Are the tees, for this run, bigger on the inside?

Boo Who

I was hoping it would be available on the same day, but Woot is also going to print this as a poster. That’s what I’m holding out for.

A poster? faints from awesomeness


Maybe instead makes you look smaller on the outside.

I just watched BLINK this afternoon…a classic NON-WHO Dr Who episode


/That’s right — I’m old school.
//For the record, I own these:


T-Eleven days. Tennant & Smith. Zygons. The Forgotten Doctor. Rose. UNIT. The Time War. Can’t wait!


Yay! Thatrobert

Shouldn’t that be “Allons-y!” since it was 10 in Blink?


“I’m looking for the Doctor.”

“…well, you’ve come to the right place.”

I’m hosting a viewing of the 50th special for time travellers. I’ll post the location the day after, so just hop back a day to join us!

For reference: