TIMMKOO 16 or 32GB Bluetooth MP3 Player

TIMMKOO 16 or 32GB Bluetooth MP3 Player

The Features section states that this player has “Up to 7 hours of music playback” but in the Specs section it states that “Battery Life is up to 18 hours.”

That is a big difference, so which is it?

For the 32G model Amazon states the list price as being $75.99 and Woot says $99.99. The actual price on Amazon is only $3 more than Woot.

What’s the deal with that?

Looking at the Amazon page, it’s up to 7 hours of Bluetooth music playback, or 18 hours with a wired connection (or “about 3-4 hours in video mode”).

FWIW, I thought that the dimensions listed under the Specs were way off, but apparently (again, looking at the Amazon page) those are the dimensions for the package, not the player itself.

Honestly, it’s kind of interesting (I use an MP3 player in the car), but I don’t actually need another one right now and, like you said, the 32GB version is only $3 more on Amazon (plus, I would get free shipping there, so it would actually be cheaper). So there’s really no reason to buy it here.

Not sure I’m following the shipping cost comment. If you’re an Amazon prime member, you get free shipping on Woot too.

Does this have APT-X?

Yeah, but I’m not a Prime member, and I would get free shipping on Amazon anyway (because it costs more than $25).