Tin: Old Skool


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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I’d get it if it were C-3PO winning because of the Star Wars nerd in me, but then the shirt wouldn’t be as funny, so.

Too cool

awesome concept, but too comic book for me…grats on the print though

Awesome design!

Got one just to prove how awesome I am.

Done and done!

Why is the Tin Man beating up C-3PO?

Awww yeah! Score one for Tin Man kicking copper butt!

Or whatever C3P0 was. Gold?

Congratulations on the print, rg. This is the first Star Wars shirt to make it through, right? You took a risk and it paid off. Great idea, great execution - I’m sure this will be on the charts for a long time to come. :slight_smile:

Congrats on second place! Not for me though

and the champion by KO … Tin Man

C3PO is now retired.

this is going to sell out by 9am.
I got a good look at my bank acct. statement, and so cannot afford another shirt. :frowning:

congrats to the artist-- great design!

Apres C3PO, Le Deluge…

Good luck with the horrible precedent you’ve just set, woot.

In my excitement to order it for my son I forgot to order overnight shipping.
He wanted it for the 1st day of school.
Is there anyway to fix that?

Its purchased, its awesome… instant classic!

I absolutely love this shirt. Congratulations on the design. Made me LOL.

Quick, buy your limited edition Tin: Old Skool now, before the Lucas and/or MGM C&D orders go through!

Really nice idea, and congrats on the print, but it’s just not my style.