Tin: Old Skool

Clang is a word.

Oh woot… you big romantics… You had me at “clang”…

Yay, Robbie!! Congrats on the print! :slight_smile:

Thanks for voting and thanks for the comments! Sorry this seems to burn some folks’ britches- I’ll just keep focused on the fact that there’s a boy out there who wants this for his first day of school. That’s so cool!


And don’t forget to pick up a Fat Unicorn or two…!

there is no ‘I’ in TEAM

there is, however, an ‘I’ in TIN

Take a hike jabberjaw, ever since Dorothy dumped me for 'Ol
Straw for Brains, the Tin Man works alone. Clang!

horray victory for the republic! my guess , he will be back , with a vengeance . watch your back kwhyelp.

haha true, but earlier i saw the pic had a caption saying “tin is oldschool sucka” and i just didnt want to wear a shirt that said all that on it.

This is a neat shirt. I would love to see a sequal, with C3-PO sneaking up on a scared looking Tin Man. I would wear it side by side with my wife. :slight_smile:

Oh, and bought it too! Great shirt!

" I just got fed up with all the whining…and that creepy affected accent…he called me ‘mechanical’ once too often. So proud of his circuit boards; he’s on his shiny behind now! Where’s that slimy rabbity JarJar Binks? That big-eared punk is next!"

too bad you missed yesterday’s shirt…

had to get one, my second fave shirts right behind the helium octopus one. great job!

You must be dreaming in a field of red poppies. Can you imagine what C3PO would look like throwing a punch? R2D2 could put a beat-down on C3PO.

Loved the references to being sued in the write up, and the shirt color description, too.

How can you say C-3P0 would win when the Tin Man comes with his own axe?!

You gotta love this shirt regardless. I love Star Wars, but let’s face it, 3PO was a puss! I’m in for 2.

A tad off topic but…

There may be no I in TEAM, as managers love to say, but there is a "M’ and an “E”…



I’ve wasted hours of my life refreshing this site every night and not seeing anything worth buying for more than a year until tonight. Of course, I bought this shirt for my wife. It would have been cool if there was a men’s version with C3P0 knocking out Tin Man.

How about the Cowardly Lion (post courage) vs. Chewbacca?

I love the description.

I think you still have time to cancel your order. So cancel it, then order it again with overnight shipping.

Hope that helps