Tiny Dark Tower

Another one that needs a bigger screen than this phone, although I have spotted Helm’s Deep Dish and am thereby enchanted – and craving a Giordano’s pepperoni pie ; )

This is such a rich and complex design. Major kudos to the Spirits.

That’s how pixel art should be done!!

(Though as I avoid LotR/SW/ST/GoT/HP/MLP/God-that-list-is-long … like the plague, I won’t be buying one, but art-wise, wow!)

I see a resemblance to SimTower.

Nice shirt. If I liked it, I woulda put a ring on it!

You two have set up the bar very high with this design. Congrats Spirits!!!

Tiny Death Star, eat your heart out!

Marvelous work on the bitizen outfits! Love Tiny Tower & LOTR!

I won’t buy this on the grounds that “Sauron-as-an-eyeball” is objectively an incorrect interpretation of the text.

Could someone at Woot Command please make these intricate graphic art pieces into posters. They are useless on t-shirts (aside from the fact that I have too many t-shirts already…)

Simply amazing! My eyes are still recovering from witnessing the latest ‘Lord of the Shirts’ blockbuster. Works both as a whole tower image and the take time to explore option. ‘Eyes and Guard’ is inspired.

I get that the 8-bit style is reminescent of…well, all 8-bit games, and the layout doesn’t seem completely unique, but I feel like this might be referencing a specific game or image; is it?

And, of course, kudos on another awesome shirt :smiley:

Great collab you guys! So many fun details and flawless execution.

“And one based on an substantiated thing he said to a waiter once.”


It’s referencing the game Tiny Tower: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiny_Tower

Or did I miss the sarcasm? That happens sometimes on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, if you don’t sync the shirt to your facebook account, the image fades out when you wash it.

(Yes, someone had to do a hard reset of his tablet and lost his Death Star last week, thanks.)

Will be keeping my eye peeled for hoodie versions.

Wow guys! Kudos on the detail and so clever :slight_smile:

Wow this is great. Be prepared to have strangers stare at your chest for uncomfortable lengths of time.