Tiny Time Machine

Unzoomed on my phone, it looks a little like a cute candy vending machine.

Doctor Who? Doctor What? Doctor Why? Doctor Where? Doctor How? Doctor When?

I’ve always been partial to Doctor Whom.

This is super cute, I’m a big fan of pixel art.

Once again the Spirits have teamed up to create a masterpiece.


Physician’s Story?

please put this on a poster. I want to give it to everyone for christmas.

Typical in-shirt purchases: deodorant/anti-perspirant, laundry detergent, fabric softener.

It really is bigger on the inside!

The Spirits teamed up and epicness was the result. Love all the little details!

This shirt is 10,000x’s better than the cruddy new doctor on the cruddy new show!

13 Doctors, 5 Companions, 8 Aliens … click here for the breakdown!


There are a few unmarked references to spot too… :^)

That’s no breakdown!


(best when accompanied by THIS!)

It was a blast working on this with Spiritgreen! I had not watched Doctor Who before, so SG put me on an EXTREME REGIMENT of netflix research so I wouldn’t be useless… Now- Yeah, Doctor Who has grown on me quite a bit. :wink:

lol Nice!

As they say, our favorite non-Doctor has made yet another appearance.

Meaning it’s not DaviDson but Davison. But don’t feel bad. Apparently much of the time, the British papers got his name wrong, too.


Almost perfect! We are only missing River Song (Spoilers!).

Praying this becomes a tote or sweatshirt because it’s an awesome size, shape, & design for both. Though in the meanwhile, I may cave in and buy yet another t-shirt…

If anyone has ever played Sim Tower, this made me think of Sim Tower combined with Dr. Who.

SimWho maybe?

Either way, awesome job!


Love the design! But it’s so big on the shirt. I wish it took less real estate. But that would be at the expense of detail I guess.

Sadly, I’ll pass on this. Boo.