Tire Gauges For The Ages

What batteries do these gauges need?

Word of warning for the Emergency Hammer. If the glass breaker isn’t hardened steel or carbide it will not reliably break auto glass. The type of metal isn’t listed in the specs so don’t expect it to work.

Given their size, probably the small button cells; the most common size is AG13/LR44.

With that said, analog gauges have a huge plus in no batteries to worry about or replace. If you have a cheap source for them (like small LED flashlights from a 99-cents store), that’s good. If not, it could cost as much as the gauge just to replace them.

It is a shame that the Dual Head tire gauge only goes up to 99PSI. I run 90-110 depending on the weather.

The description for the MS5010 says 2 PSI increments but the gauge in the arms-length photos looks like 1 PSI. Can someone clarify?

Each is likely different. The two that I have use the AG13/LR44 but the Michelin in this offer uses 3v lithium coin cells like the CR2032 or CR2016. You can buy any of them for cheap online (Meritline) or locally for more.

Are there any air pumps that don’t sound like a jack hammer?

EDIT: Nevermind, the reviews are so bad, I’m not interested either way.

Thanks Narfcake and pauldownsouth for the info on batteries and stores –

$0.99 savings on the compressor when compared to the mother ship’s price (with free shipping). Woot “deals” just aren’t what they used to be.

Welcome to Amazon impulse buying. They discount amazon prices by a few bucks and hope you impulse buy stuff you never needed.

Is the “Accutire MS-4800B” actually “MS-48B”? The 4800B: http://www.amazon.com/Accutire-MS-4800B-Digital-Pencil-Indicator/dp/B00080QHNG; the 48B: http://www.amazon.com/Accutire-MS-48B-Digital-Combination-Pressure/dp/B004APM12G/ref=pd_sim_auto_1. While I expect the pictures are more accurate than the model number, the two don’t seem to match.

In all my years of experience, I would not trust a digital tire pressure gauge; they can lose accuracy, batteries can die, and a good bump in the glove box will kill them. I have found the dial type (like the heavy duty dial type in the deal) to be the most accurate and reliable, and the thumb button for the bleed valve is at a perfect convenient place. And when it comes to something that will be banging around in your glove compartment or toolbox most of the time, mechanical has many advantages over digital.

Bottom line: get the dial one, avoid all the unnecessary digitals.

I believe you are correct. The Woot page states it has a “lifetime lithium battery” but if you dig around a bit elsewhere you’ll see that the MS-48 pictured on Woot has a battery cover and a coin battery. The MS-4800 has the lifetime lithium battery.

the dial one got horrible reviews on amazon

You are welcome! Sign up for Meritline’s email newsletter. They have LR44s and the coins cells on sale several times a year for around $10 for 20 batteries. They are a Chinese brand (‘Camelion’) but have worked well for me.

Yep, they’re called bicycle pumps. I kid, but really, all motorized air pumps make noise. The reason the small portable ones are especially annoying is because they have a small capacity and run a higher duty cycle than a large tank used in commercial applications. If you’re looking for something to keep in the trunk, just be happy you have a jackhammer rather than nothing. If you’re looking for something for the garage there are a few manufacturers that offer “quiet” air compressors.

We had the part number wrong. The photos & features were correct.