Tire Inflator & Repair Kit w/ Sealant

If your car has a tire pressure monitoring system you should not use tire sealant. Sealant can gum up the sensor. Fixing that is likely more expensive than replacing a tire.

Product Page with Manual

Could be a lifesaver if you are in the middle of nowhere or on a busy road when a flat occurs. Even if it damages the sensor (however many of these sealants are now TPMS compatible), the sensor runs about 50 bucks …

If you’re in the middle of nowhere, change your own tire. If it’s dangerous, call your roadside service like AAA.

A lot of tire shops won’t touch a tire/wheel that has had any type of fix a flat used on it. Or will charge a lot more for service as they have to clean all that shit off the rim, and the tire will have to be replaced. Learn how to change your own tire if you are going to own a vehicle and make long trips, or get a good road side assistance plan on your insurance.

If the bead (seal between the tire and rim) is broken then you just wasted $40 trying not to change a tire.

I had a 2008 Miata that had TPMS, no spare and came with a sealant system and tire pump. I always assumed they meant for me to use the sealant even with the TPMS, but I never needed to.

The RESQ Sealant is latex based and rinses off with water.

Also, cannot seem to find the replacement sealant cartridges anywhere.

Same for my RX-8.

The aerosol type (“Fix-a-Flat”) are toxic and flammable, and leave your tire toxic and flammable when inflated. The with-a-pump type (like this one) are neither toxic nor flammable, safe for everyone.

Some tire shops treat them all the same, some do not.

The last time I looked at the fix a flat cans at the local parts place, they now have non flammable options out there.

I do agree, that most people should never use them on flat tires, but sometimes it is the only option.

My father made each of his 6 kids learn how to change a tire and check the oil on their cars before letting them loose on the roads.

I have come across several 20 somethings that have no idea how to change a tire.

Also, remember to check your spare tires air pressure. Whenever I buy cars at an Auction, the spares usually only have 5-18 psi. Or they are missing completely.

if you need replacement sealant go here…Replacement Tire Sealant Canister

  1. This is what new cars are coming with now, in-lieu of spare tires.
  2. I put Slime in a tire recently as a stop gap until tire replacement, and there was no adverse affect to TPMS and the installer was able to clean it up easily and install a new tire with no issues.
  3. This is an old shade tree mechanic tale, like 3,000 mile oil changes.

Or you have a Mini or a BMW and you ditch the stock runflats

Yes the M3 comes without a spare, only a compressor and sealant such as this. Continental also makes a version of this as well (you should be able to find it on tirerack.com). Lots of misinformation on this forum regarding the dangers of this type of sealant. My guess is they are still all driving Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Saturn vehicles! :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe so, but it still has traction. I was reading the road hazard warranty on the tires I put on my wife’s car. The use of any sealant (note “any”) voids the warranty.

Pretty much driving on them, voids most of those new tire warranties… They would sell many $100+ tires, if they just gave away replacements for life. Most need replaced after 2-3 years anyway…