Tires: Help Them Help You

I’ll be the first to ask. These here Airman Turbo inflators; are they actually for inflating tires? I only see mentions of inflatable mattresses.

They look like might help me, to help my tires, to help me…off the road. lol

Just confirmed- they do not work with tires, but they fit the theme enough that they put 'em in here, ha!

I bought the slime inflator on here a while back. I used it on my FJ Cruiser offroad just recently.It takes a while to inflate up to 38psi but it did it!
It’s a good emergency inflater and I bought my wife one too as her tires always seem to slowly leak air. (Note to self, get that checked!)

Before any of you fall in love with the Acugauge low-pressure tire inflator (the $39 one) this is NOT going to work on your car tires. It only goes to 15 psi while most automotive tires are in the 30 to 45 psi range.

It’s purpose is for off-road motorcycle race tires, as that’s the only thing I can think of that uses this low of pressure and requiring this kind of accuracy.

Does anyone have experience using the Slime tire inflater on car tires?

Have used on a motorcycle tire. It does work, but it’s not fast. And be sure to keep the engine running while it’s in use, to keep from draining the battery.

And to add to my comment, having an air compressor won’t do you much good if you have a hole in your tire from a nail or such. For that you need a PLUG KIT that you can find in any auto parts store or even most big drugstores. They’re cheap and come with instructions and easy to use, but you have to have one with you. With a plug kit and one of these air compressors, you can rescue yourself if you have a flat tire, in most situations. You DO have to find the offending object that punctured the tire or the hole it left, however.

Aren’t they “12V Accessory Outlets” now rather than cigarette lighters? On my car an actual lighter and ashtray were only available as an option.

Just sayin’.