Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Ball 12-Pack

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Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Ball 12-Pack
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jan 22 to Friday, Jan 23) + transit
Condition: Refinished Mint


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This is a great deal for duffers like myself who apparently are addicted to hitting balls in ponds, creeks and woods.

Hate to be a woot-off killer, but NEVER buy refinished balls. A mint, near-mint or even an average used ball is better. When they refinish the ball they are replacing the coating with a cheap layer of new paint destroying all of the technological marvels that people pay $4/ ball new for. Just buy any other cheap new ball or a good used ball and you’ll be better off.

I have purchased these before and they more than outperform a regular $1 golf ball.

It is true they are not as good as a new Pro-V but who would expect them to be?

This is a smoking deal!

Can’t believe these sold out. I just paid the same price for the same thing at a local wally world, last weekend.

no boc after this?

Now I didn’t buy these, but if given the choice I would buy anything here before Wally world, just so I don’t need to go into Wally World.

Who broke the woot-off?!

The BoC came up on the home page but then every link was a Woot error page, and there is no community post for it :frowning: WTF

Agreed! Kept getting the 404 error of doom and no love after refreshing forever.


"hmmm…we can’t find that
The page your browser asked for isn’t on our servers. This is what we geeks call a 404 error. The link you followed may be old, or you might have mistyped the address.

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for write us and we’ll try to help."

thanks woot, you broke your own website

Same thing happened to one of these last night. Apparently, some of these are appsclusive, but they don’t tell anyone.

It sold out yet the link is invalid. I smell barnacles.

App-sclusive…seriously? I call foul!

I think we broke WOOT!

Perfect for those of us with Android devices. Sigh.

My app is soo slow to even update. It takes like 2 minutes to even update :frowning:

I don’t believe is appsclusive. Just the bots blocked the website version

Nothing but, “hmmm…we can’t find that” messages!
And a whole bunch of “Denied” after getting it in the cart!