Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls – 12

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Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls - 12
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recycled

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Product pages: http://www.titleist.com/golf-balls/Pro-V1.aspx

If you play Pro V1’s, you’ll hate these. If you don’t, you’ll love these.

you know what they say:

“Old golfers never die.
They just lose their balls.”

here come 24 hours of ball jokes

Why would you hate these if you play Pro V1’s?

Great deal. 50% off the lowest price on Amazon, which is for refinished balls.


ProV1 and Pro V1x on Amazon! :smiley:

hah! beat you to it!



Here’s a video review I found of the Pro V1 and V1x.

And on a side note… so first there was Schwetty Balls, now theres Pro Titleists.

Recycled balls? I take it these did some time at the bottom of a water hazard?

Awesome balls!! I’ve played with these balls for a long time and I will never play with anyone else’s balls! I love my balls

I’m guessing he missed the fact that you can choose the V1 or V1x.

That being said… I won’t pay over a dollar per ball for a used gold ball, even if it’s a V1 or V1x.

I heard that Arnold Palmer’s wife kissed his balls for luck before every game. Are these balls kissable?

I’m leary of any ‘recycled’ ball. Pro v1’s have a noticeable change in feel after only 4 or 5 holes, and there is no way to tell what the ball has been through prior to the refurbish.

On the other hand, there’s a reason the pro’s play them, and they are really good regardless of level of play.

If you’re not playing in tournament or league play, these are probably just fine.

Another thing to note is the ball is modified every year, if you look at what the pro’s are playing you’ll see “2007 v1”, and you won’t be able to tell which you are getting in the refurbs.

just my 2 cents.

They can often times feel a bit dead. If you’re an avid enough golfer to shell out $45/dozen for ProV’s on a regular basis, you’ll notice the difference.

If you normally play whatever is on sale, these will be a huge improvement.

If you have a high handicap and want a minor upgrade to your short game (i.e., better greenside control), these will do fine. At $17.99 after shipping, you get a dozen balls at the same price as a low/mid quality dozen but far better quality. These “cleaned” balls are better than refurbished/refinished balls because those balls often have an extremely low grade paint covering that drastically changes the performance of the ball.

If you have a low handicap, you will be sorely disappointed by the quality of these balls. Mid-grade means they allow scuffing (i.e., cart path damage) and other blemishes. While they claim that the performance of the ball is unaffected, this is simply untrue. The biggest problem is that they do not verify the compression of the ball is intact and there is a high probability that some of them will be “dead” balls.

TLDR; If you shoot below 80, skip this Woot. If you shoot between 81-110, grab three. If you shoot over 110, sell your clubs and buy an Xbox Kinect and Tiger Woods PGA 2013.

I never believed that a golf ball could make a difference. That is until I starting using good wedges and good balls. I have been using Nike tour balls but they haven’t gone on sale in a long time. The Pro V1 is an excellent ball. Most decent balls will give you distance. That isn’t hard. Getting distance and control around the green isn’t as easy. A good ball will allow you to draw the ball on the green and stop it where you want it.

With that said they still sink as fast as a cheap ball so be warned. I’m in for 3 V1’s to stock up for the season!

Hey Woot, do these ship to California or are they also deemed a dangerous weapon?