Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls–12pk

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Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls-12pk
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 One-Day OR $10 Two-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jul 14 to Tuesday, Jul 15) + transit
Condition: Refinished Mint


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Let Titleist.com help you decide between the V1 and V1x

and let’s check out the product page for the V1 and the V1x

Hey woot, for some reason I can’t complete my order because you won’t ship to my address? Same address I’ve shipped to tons of times. Regular nj mailing address. Even tried my mom’s in ny just for kicks and same error. Why you no let me buy?

Same shipping problem. I’ve purchased these in the past without an issue. Won’t let me purchase either the V or Vx.

What’s the deal woot? I can’t get these pro v1 balls shipped to illinois?

Hey Woot!!! I can’t order either! What’s going on??? Says you can’t ship to my address in NY!! I don’t want to miss this sale!

Same issue here in Richmond, VA - bogus

Same deal here. Can’t ship to regular address in Delaware or sister’s address in Pennsylvania. And there is no immediate way to contact customer service. Would like to order the Pro V1s.

I can’t order either.

same here, says will not ship to NY

Same shipping problem. Won’t ship to my address, I’m in NC

Same here. Can’t order in KC. MO.

I’m trying to order two boxes and it won’t ship to any address I put in there. I have a general delivery at post office address and another one, a street address. Same error message about not being able to ship to that address.

Well, upon reading the comments it’s good to know I’m not alone. Any idea how to fix the shipping issue?

Hey guys,

Can you try again? It looks like the problem might be resolved. If it isn’t, let me know.

I have ordered these twice - if they come up again, I am going to pass. They are listed as “mint” but they are not. I thought the first box might have been a fluke, but I ordered 5 boxes this and they all have 2-5 balls in the with visiable scratches or gouged. They play OK, but MINT they are not.