Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls–12pk



I have it on good authority (a coworker’s obsessive son) that these are some of the best golf balls on the market. YMMV. (Yardage?)


Morr freaking golf stuff???


Where are all the ball jokes?


The interesting part about some of these balls (the V1, not the V1x) is that they were just offered a few deals ago - at a different price.

Both offers were for non-new balls, but I guess this one s for “Refinished Mint” (yummm, minty!) while the others were considered “Recycled”.

Either way - why buy balls that have already gotten a taste for water or OOB areas? (On the other hand - these poor babies might be better at steering away from water and OOB - they’ve already experience that special he11)


Refinished and recycled golf balls are very different. Recycled balls are considered superior because they are merely cleaned (maintaining the original qualities of the ball), whereas refinished balls have an entirely new outer coating put on them, which means they no longer fly like true Pro V1’s.