Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls–12pk

**Item: **Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls-12pk
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 One-Day OR $10 Two-Day
Condition: Refinished Mint

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Solid reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) on the Pro V1 over at amazon

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at dickssportinggoods.com


Not a golfer myself, but a recommended these to somebody a while back based off of what I read on the interwebz (casual golfer), and they said they worked great, hit well, especially for the price.

Mixed reviews all over woot:
I believe $14.99 in May
$14.99 in December
$14.99 in October
$12.99 in September

I’ve bought 4 dozen of the PRO-V1’s on previous Woot offerings. I’ve been completely satisfied with them. They play fine !

i think about buying these every time they come up. i love pro v’s and don’t mind playing a used one. according to this video, they might come a little scuffed up, but i don’t think that will affect playability.

Amazon Review with Video

anybody have experience with these? are they soft? do they spin like you would expect a pro v would?

As I’ve noted on previous reviews, these particular refurbs (Yellow Box) look and play great. Except for two minor things I think they’re pretty much like regular Pro V1s: 1) They have the word “Refinished” on them opposite the alignment line and 2) The cover/finish doesn’t last as long - I can normally play a Pro V1 about three rounds before I throw it in my shag bag. With these balls they’re in my shag bag after 18 holes. I still think they’re worth it - they still have the same look, feel and distance.

BTW, and this is just my experience, none of the “yellow box” refinished balls that I have purchased have ever looked anything other than brand new.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. What he said. ^

I will reiterate that although the Woot ad implies that these balls are indistinguishable From new ones, if they are like prior offerings, they have the word “refinished” stamped on it. It is a discrete stamp–so small, in fact, that I had forgotten about it–but that does not save you from embarrassment when playing with other players who also use Titlist balls and therefore have to carefully inspect to determine which ball belongs to them. I have to admit that I was pretty embarrassed when a guy I just met said “I think this one is yours because it has this mark (referring to the word “refinished”) on it.” (He wouldn’t even say the word “refinished” out loud to save me from being embarrassed in front of the other 2 players.)

I would use these for practice or playing with buddies who already know you’re “price conscious” (I.e, cheap), but not while playing for business.

hopefully these are last year’s model, which are supposedly vastly superior to this year’s model ball. I attempted with limited success to use this as an excuse for why I have bought refinished balls (which was partly true in fairness to myself). In response, I was referred to Edwin Watts, where you can apparently purchase last years model new.


It’s that time and some of your dad’s like to golf. Now we know these won’t get there in time but you could make a nice card and include a picture of what you purchased. Better late than never right? Get creative. Heck share your card designs and cute text quips here for everyone!

seems like a 12pk of balls might be a bit cumbersome.

After a bunch of research, I bought these. Yes they play “fine” just like most cheap balls play fine. They are round and fly if hit by a golf club. But don’t buy them thinking you are getting ProV1 quality balls. The refinishing is like a paint job on the golf ball. You can sometimes feel the scuff marks underneath it. They may have the core and compression of a ProV, but they don’t have the feel on the club face of one. Buy these because you want to play “ProV” balls at a fraction of the price. Don’t buy them if you really want to play ProVs.

I’ve purchased these several times in the past and been very satisfied. They feel just like brand new Pro Vs, they react around the greens just like a Pro V, and there is really no distance loss with these either. That being said, they don’t quite last as long as a brand new Pro V. They’ll still save you money and perform just as you’d want from a brand new ball. I’ll be buying 3-4 dozen today.

Agreed. Many of these style of used balls came out of a pond. Water is able to permiate the Urathane cover of a high end ball, and quickly (24-48 hours even!) deteriates the mantle layer(s)/core. There is a chance that you may just not be a good enough golfer in the first place to tell the difference, but if you’ve ever hit a new tour style ball, the difference is noticiable.

Once again, nice for the super casual golfer, but do not purchase if you think you’re getting a killer deal on the most expensive ball in golf. May I suggest the Titleist NXT Tour if you want Pro V1x (ish) performance in a cheaper package?

If you are a low handicapper, Sub 10) then you WILL notice a difference in performance and distance. Also, pure wedge shots will scuff the cover, but this is true with new Pro V’s too.

These balls are suited for the mid handicapper who can benefit from the spin around the greens. If you are a high handicapper, just buy whatever is cheap and not “off brand” I nominate the Callaways or Nike’s that pop up on sport woot.