Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls–12pk

**Item: **Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls-12pk
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $15 One-Day OR $10 Two-Day
Condition: Refinished Mint

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Check out these comments from when these were last sold in July

Pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) on the VX1 over at The O

I’ve picked these up twice at woot. Once at $17.99 and once at this $14.99 price. Both times they were very much worth it. I play the Pro V1 exclusively when I golf, and I’m hard pressed to find any serious differences between these balls and a new Pro V1 right out of the box. The surface is a little more prone to cut damage than a set of new V1’s, especially if you’re trying to put a lot of spin on the ball, but for a little over $1 per ball, I cannot complain. They hit very similar to a new V1.

I agree with cicatrize. I usually get these every time Woot offers them. They are good balls, and aside from an occasional stinker they are hard to tell from new ProV1’s.

Think about it - is your game so important that you need $5 per ball golf balls?

I bought these from Woot a while back. They’re horrible. Anyone who has played a Pro V1 ball knows how tough they are. I’ve played them for years and never cut one. I’ve cut these, although I don’t think I actually cut it, instead I think the cut was ‘revealed’ when some of the new paint gets knocked off.

The narration about being embarrassed using refurbs is mute as these all say ‘refinished’ or something similar on them anyway. If you are a 18 handicapper these are great - otherwise they are for the range…

ProV1 is my normal playing ball. I bought a few boxes of these the last time they were out here - they play like brand new ProV1’s. I shoot’em straight as an arrow off the tee.

I bought these once…i won’t again. Any wedge shot you hit will scuff the ball. After 9 holes a ball is almost unplayable. Look elsewhere

Yeah not worth it. The other balls from “ReLoad” are much better. Wish they offered ProV1s. These are refinished, which is probably worse than ProV1 practice…

In my experience, high-end golf balls like these when bought used or refurbished are barely shells of the original product.

Specifically with V’s the cast urethane cover is meant to provide more spin and control, but any cover…especiall a soft cast urethane has a shelf-life, whether hit or just sitting there.

It’s not a massive amount of money to buy these used, but I would also encourage you to buy a sleeve of the original new ball for comparison. Chances are, if you don’t recognize the pretty massive difference between the two, the performance features of the ball are likely lost on you, thus not worth the money.

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These play like new and don’t scuff any worse like everyone says. These play great, stopped a 3 iron on a green on a dime. Ball mark was right next to my ball. Never done that before. I love these ones and won’t go back to playing anything else. Keep selling them woot, I don’t need more now, but I will in the future.

Do these balls have “X-Out” or “Recycled” or some such term stamped on them?

“refinished” is stamped on them.

These balls were junk. One of the balls in the package had a huge cut on it, went straight in the trash, not playable. Never again.