Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x Golf Balls

I wouldn’t recommend buying these. I bought some one time and they were from a company that just goes around and collects them. Some were sun baked and hard as a rock, some had spots that look like scuff marked had been sanded down so the cover was thinner in those places.

None had any cracks in them, but overall about 8 out of 12 were in bad shape.

What exactly is a “refurbished golf ball”?

I don’t think that’s what these are. Those are “recycled” - these are “refurbished”.

For “refurbished” they essentially put a new cover on the ball so that there are no scuff marks, sun spots, pen marks, etc.

And just how does one recover a golf ball?? If the cover is worn, sun baked, etc., the “guts” can’t be in the best of shape either.

FWIW, I’ve bought these before and they seemed practically new. I guess YMMV?

One would push a button on a machine control panel that would slice open the ball to the exact depth to not damage the core, then the cover could be removed, and a new cover molded on.

As for damaged cores, generally any damage to the core would be very minimal, especially with a one piece ball like ProV1. ProV1x won’t be junk, but as a two piece, that is where the damage would be.

Reason they can sell these at such a lower price, considering a dozen 2017 ProV1’s run about $48, is because a lot of people will never buy a used golf ball, and the higher price for new, along with the justifiably better quality to begin with, calls for and supports that higher price, and people will pay it.

I do, and it’s worth it.

Titleist does not refurbish golf balls. These are used golf balls, probably bleached. They are used golf balls. Caveat emptor. The quality is what you get when you find a golf ball on the course.