Titleist Pro V1 Refinished Golf Balls

Purchased these last time they were offered - logos everywhere. Returned them right away - a month later - still waiting for a refund.

Their add says theres no logo. Im surprised they blatantly state that and then sent you logo ballz

does anyone know what year ball these are? cuz if they’re like 2012’s you can find them cheaper online

Hi there. We show you were refunded in full on 9/12. Please check your bank statement to confirm.

I’ve purchased four dozen of these on woot and have never had any logos on them. These are refinished balls, so they should be all identical…

That out of the way, they’re pretty nice. I don’t think they fly as well as new V1/V1x’s or even reclaimed ones, but they are VERY close in performance. For $15, not much to complain about.

I just purchased 2 doz PRO v1x’s on 09-27-14. According to box the balls are from Knetgolf.com.

Pros: No logos and balls look
new or “mint”.

Cons: Boxes were labeled as PRO
V1x’s but the balls were
actually PRO V1’s from

I am not going to return them as I have always wanted to try these. But I will never purchase again as I feel I was deceived.

Received a partial refund only. Had to send another request to receive the balance.