Titus Vineyards - Two Pack

Titus Vineyards - Two Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
product: 2 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon

CT link above. Avg. price $37+ per bottle.
2007-2018 suggested drinking window (YMMV)
Ratings of 85 & 91 don’t provide a lot of guidance.

ooh Titus
Winery website

taut fanny= tight a s s

I absolutley love this winery! Never had a bad bottle…Thank you WineDavid!

I bought “Lot 1” last time this winery was featured on woot. VERY solid wine. I hope this one is as good

I still can’t get wine shipped to Alabama. How about more cheese or Brandini Toffee would be as acceptable.

In for a pair.

WD- I would love the opportunity to LabRat this one. Will be home all week :slight_smile:

average cost on CT $37, points 89-90.

Save $5 per bottle on average.

And yet… we have another pair. ;-p too cheap to be good perhaps?

In for one, not a great deal but an ok deal. Need a few more Cabs anyway.

This goes for $39.99 at the Total Wine in Tampa. It’s a really solid cab, not as delicious as the Lot 1 but I’ve never had anything from Titus that I didn’t like.

absolutely. I’ve had it before and it’s incredibly good. While I’m not nearly as eloquent when describing wines, here’s a very good review: http://thewinespies.wordpress.com/2008/09/04/2005-titus-vineyards-napa-valley-cabernet-sauvignon/

Awesome - I am in for 1 and this is exactly the type of wine I was wanting.

Its a great week for me to labrat as well as I have Wednesday off and could drink this entire bottle. wink wink nudge nudge

guys that are trying to sell the wine usually (usually) are not the least bias reviewers =P

89 PTS ROBERT PARKER, JR. The '05 Titus Cabernet exhibits a sweet bouquet of creme de cassis and black cherries, soft tannin, and an easy-going, broad mouthfeel; drink it over the next 8-12 years.

First sucker: mill


Had our family holiday get together last night. Enjoyed 11 bottles of woot juice including TC Tytanium, Peter’s Noirs de Noirs, and Corison Cab. Best to start a replacement program!! This would be nice to rat for a comparison.

Sooooooooooooo tempted, but I will wait till more people weigh in. This WOULD make a nice gift for my sister and her husband, though.

You either have a large or a fun family.

My wine fridges are overflowing, and I vowed to not purchase any more wine in 2008. WD, you got me with this offer…I’m in. I have no self control.