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$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 TiVo HD TCD652160 High Definition Digital Video Recorder

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Would this work on cable service?

Woo! HD DVR awesomeness

Does anyone know if the Three Free months is a good deal? Are there better deals (aka Rebates) out there?

No rebate to bring this lower?


Wow! Great deal! We just bought one for a lot more than that and we love it!

These will go quick… normal price is $299! Here is the manufacturer’s link:


If TiVo doesn’t change your life, TiVo in HD WILL.

Amazon averages 4 stars… Amazon Reviews

CNET gives. 8.3 out of 10… CNET Reviews

Can this record from QAM (unencrypted HD via cable lines) sources and analog cable without the need for CableCards?

Is Tivo just a different type of digital/satellite service provider? I hear about it all of the time, but I have a DVD-R box from my digital provider. What’s the differences?

Will it work if I have CableONE, but in an area where they don’t offer an in-house DVR service?

How would I go about recording off of the digital channels (for me, everything above 65)? Or would I not be able to?

only if the cable plugs into the unit.

half these cable companies offer dvr with thier hd services.

Ok, so I have a local company who provides me Fiber to my home, which is then converted to a coax cable that goes to a Scientific Atlanta 8300HD… will hooking up the coax work here? I don’t think my small company does CableCard…


Oh company is www.minetfiber.com

20 hours of recording refers to HD content; you can fit a lot more SD content on it depending on the quality you set when recording.

can this be used with DirecTV? AKA, can this replace the DirecTV cable box?

I paid $280 for it at Costco a while ago, and it’s still $280 there. Nice price even if a refurb.

As a Comcast customer, what use is this to me? Comcast bought Tivo. I have Comcast’s own HD boxes with a built in DVR.

Does this offer anything new? What am I missing here that this could help me with?

Isn’t a DVR, a DVR? Isn’t Tivo just a DVR with a monthly fee?

No word on if this works with DirecTV? I love the Tivo interface but have DirecTV. I would Woot this if it were compatible with DirecTV…