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Refurbished TiVo HD DVR, for $159.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x TiVo HD TCD652160 High Definition Digital Video Recorder

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any way to transfer a lifetime over to this from a current SD unit? Anyway to buy a lifetime subscription outright?

Long time tivo owner here. Love it.
Cannot imagine TV w/o it. I own one Series 2 and one Tivo HD.

Would recommend to anyone.

Edit: (Except Tom Cruise)

Really! What about Tom Cruise?

I have one of these and have really enjoyed using it, i switched from a sci atl 8300hd a while back… the question is do I need two?

Yes, you can buy Lifetime service again :slight_smile:

Reg Price: $399 / Subscriber discount: $299

Can you use this one for recording tv shows without a tivo subscription?

Do you need two??? Hellooooo…I would get a 3rd, but then I need to buy a third TV. Tivo is the best thing since sliced bread! When you get a 2nd box it’s only $6.95/month. I have lifetime on my first box. What’s nice about two boxes is that if they are networked to your computer you can transfer programs from one to the other, very nice feature if you decide you want to watch something in bed.

Are these useful for ANYTHING without a Tivo subscription? Will they even work as an HD receiver (without guide) or something without a sub?

On the fence with this one… need some info if anyone has it available.

I have bright house cable (central florida) can I use this box with said provider with out having to pay extra? I currently have their HI-DEF DVR (mystro) for 9bux a month. would like to 86 it and purchase a Tivo…

I miss the good old days (early 90s), when you could purchase a ~$200 descrambler from the back pages of popular mechanics and get every damn channel for free. minus the monthly $35 basic cable charge.

Nope, only the Series 1 can do that.
(Basically turns it into a Hard Drive based VCR.)

I’m going to bed, ttyl fellow wooters.

what size hard drive does this beast have??

Got mine from Woot last time. Overall I like the Tivo but I am really annoyed by the cable company’s inability to deal with Cable Cards (my cable guy has only dealt with 3 Cable Card customers during 2 years of work with Verizon Fios). They had to atenuate my signal in order to avoid tiling - something not necessary on the regular Cable Co DVR. Also initial installation with Cable Cards required several visits to get it right and the TiVo has a very long setup routine (over an hour). Check out tivocommunity.com for more info.

Compatible with DirecTV?

I believe it’s 250 GB, but you can easily extend it with an external eSata drive for less than $100.

Would I be able to use this with my DirecTV subscription?

I have regualr DVR in the bedroom so am already paying for the service. Can I get this one and use it on the HDTV in the living room?

Thanks in advance!

:slight_smile: KarenMarie

No, you gotta have a Subscription.

I wouldn’t recommend it - it doesn’t come with IR blasters for you to automatically change channels on your satellite box. Use the DirectTV DVR - there used to be a Tivo DirectTV DVR.

Why would anyone want to pay monthly for recording something that’s already on tv, for which they are already paying the cable guy, besides paying for the tivo box? If people are so inclined isnt the hd dvr offerings from the cable / sat company cheaper?