Theres less than 10 of these, thank god.

Bah, there are 8 of these…

Does this use Beta or VHS tapes?

cheaper on eBay, with a Terabyte of storage…yes I know bidding is not over yet


This is my first time seeing this and I’m kinda interested. Why all the hating. Is this not a good price or is it outdated or something?

Looks like there are about 10 of them. This should only take 3 hours.

If it had a little sliding red light, it would look like a Cylon.

LOL I hear you

If you wanna rape my bank, than you better start doing good stuff!

Well bidding is not over yet…

Why am I still awake?!

i’m just so. tired.

can’t. go on.

exhaustion. shatnerian. in magnitude.

That’s a great frakkin’ point.

When you think of something…please share!!

It’s mostly people being bouchedags because they only care about what they want, and what they want most of all is the Barnacle of Choice.

Its a great price…I bet you can buy 3 and give them as gifts…:slight_smile:

Woot! It’s almost gone.

almost there!!!

I bought one of these once. Right after my lobotomy.