TiVo Mini

Tom from TiVo here to answer your questions!

Will this come with Lifetime Mini Service, as all of the new Mini units do? I already have 2 TiVo units, a Romio and a Mini, looking to add another Mini if this will include lifetime service like the new units do.

Let me say this differently. Yes, the TiVo Mini includes Lifetime Service for itself (not your TiVo DVR).

(my old explanation)These Mini units do not have a monthly service fee. As long as you are getting TiVo service on your Roamio (monthly or a Product Lifetime Service) the Minis will work for you.

Does the Mini work with the Roamio OTA?

Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com

Yes, the TiVo Mini works great with the entire Roamio line of DVRs and many earlier TiVos (specifically the Premiere 4 XL4/Elite)

Thanks, it is a very smooth experience. The TiVo Mini is like having a full-fledged TiVo in another room - not a watered down version of your DVR like you might get with some other multi-room solutions.

Does the mini need an Ethernet connection in every room I place one in?

Just a couple months ago I saved $90 a month by giving all my cable boxes back to Time Warner Cable and using a TiVo Roamio and Mini instead. I had been waiting to buy the 2nd Mini so this is great timing.

However I see this is a TCDA92000 where as the Mini I bought last month is a TCDA93000. What are the differences between the two?

The remote is IR only, so you need to point it at the Mini. The new Minis also have RF so you can stash your Mini out of sight. The layout of the remote is a little different too.

Ethernet of Moca. TiVoTom can talk about wireless, but I hear it is not a good experience. Some use powerline solutions with success.

Thanks. Is that it? Is the old one “slower” at all? I assume it has some type of processor in it.

Remember that the TiVo Roamio/OTA with Lifetime is still $299.99 shipped from TiVo. Fill your home with TiVos for $500!

It is only fair to point out that while I love my TiVo Roamio and it is by all accounts a great product that very shortly TiVo will be replacing it with a brand new TiVo model the exact specs of which have yet to be released.

Hi Tom, can you tell us what the warranty is on the refurbished unit?

It specifically said in the Sellout Woot description that the Tivo Mini DOES NOT work with Tivo Premier or Primer XL. Now you’re saying it does. Does it or does it not? Also, how does it connect to the main Tivo? Does it need WIFI? Does each Tivo Mini need a wireless N adapter???

The Premiere and Premiere XL are 2-tuner devices. The Minis only work with 4-tuner or 6-tuner devices, like all Roamios and the Premiere XL4 or Elite. You use either Ethernet or MoCA to connect them (or I suppose set up a wireless N bridge so that the Mini thinks it’s connected via Ethernet).

From the Features section:
Warranty: 90 Day TiVo

I had really good luck using a Tivo Mini with an 802.11n bridge running on 5Ghz… until the 5Ghz radio in my router croaked. Now I use MOCA. Fantastic little box for Tivo-addicts.