TiVo Mini

TiVoTom here to answer your wootastic questions!

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at ABT.com

Never mind. This is the older version with the IR remote, not the RF remote.

The refurb comes with lifetime?

scamp2112 - Yes, these TiVo Minis include service.

Of course, for a Mini to function, you’ll need at least one active TiVo (BOLT, Roamio, older 4 + 6 tuner models) with service on the same network.

Yes, this is the IR model (TCDA92000) which has outstanding reviews on sites such as Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/TiVo-Mini-Remote-Old-Version/dp/B00BUCLVZU/

Man, I really regret paying $100/Mini + $250 (? or whatever it was) for lifetime service on each of them. :confused:

not nearly as bad as your regret but i just bought the infrared remote version and unpacked it and added it to my tivo account about 30 minutes before this went on sale. I could have had 2 for the price of 1 as i think the only difference is the remote.

Ah, it had to be the IR version. The least you Wootkin could do is put up an IR repeater at the same time!

I’d really like to get one, but I want it stuck to the back of my TV, out of the way.

For those who are new to TiVo, this Mini is not a standalone device. The Mini allows remote viewing and control of one tuner of a four tuner TiVo DVR.

Performance is surprisingly good. Channel changes, image quality, and functionality are essentially the same as a TiVo You cannot jump between tuners and there is no inactivity timer. With the full TiVo, when the TiVo shuts down due to inactivity, my television shuts down. With the Mini, the TV keeps running. Also, the Mini requires a wired ethernet connection – no wireless. You can do ethernet over coax (moca), but adapters are not inexpensive.

Finally, the Mini has no tuner or disk. Sharing 500g and four tuners among even three active TiVos becomes problematic. One Mini for a four tuner DVR and two/three Minis for a six tuner DVR is a good ratio. On the other hand, if you are using Minis on televisions that are rarely used concurrently, you can run ten off a DVR.

This Mini is the older IR model. IR means you have to have line of sight between the remote and the Mini. The remote matches the older style TiVo not the Roamio. Otherwise, I believe they are identical.

New TiVo Minis retail for $150, but can be had for $120ish from Best Buy, Walmart, or Amazon. You can get a used Mini (this model) on eBay for <$100 pretty regularly. Still, this is a good price even with the $5 shipping.

There are no monthly fees for the Mini, so adding a Mini is a lot less expensive than adding a second TiVo. Keep in mind that relying on a single TiVo puts your home at risk of a total TV blackout in the cast of a DVR failure.

Let’s chat about the TiVo paradigm. TiVos are expensive. TiVo is all about the monthly/annual fees. When they offer Lifetime service, it is generally very expensive. Lifetime service is for the life of the DVR not the buyer.

You need a four or six tuner TiVo to use a Mini. Keep that in mind if you have not yet purchased a TiVo – even used on ebay, these are not inexpensive.

Can you purchase the Bluetooth remote and insert the dongle into the USB port on the rear of this mini like you can with other TiVos? I use these on my Premiers and love them.

TivoTom, just to confirm the service for these refurb minis, do they include free lifetime or is Tivo going to charge me an addtl $50 to add lifetime to device?

Also is the IR remote included?

liv4snow - TiVo service is included on these TiVo Mini units. There is no additional service charge for them.

The IR remote is included.

I’m so excited to give this a spin. Picked up a Tivo Roamio a few months back and just now got a new antenna up that SEEMS to be picking up the fringe stations halfway decently. It’s almost cord cutting time.

I bought the Cable/OTA Roamio from Amazon over a year ago and even with the monthly Tivo fees have reduced my cable bill by nearly $100/month.

I picked up a refurb Mini from woot! the last time it was offered and am completely satisfied.

As is bedroom device it does all that’s expected and the line-of-sight remote is a non issue.

TWC is requiring a converter on every TV that gets basic cable in the house. The first year is free then some monthly charge thereafter. The Mini will pay for itself AND provides access to all of my channels, not just basic. So for the price of the refurb (or a new unit for that matter) it pays for itself in the short term AND offers greater functionality.

Thanks TiVo!

just keep in mind that when you hook up the mini it won’t instantly connect with your main tivo. it can take up to 2 days for it to connect, that is b/c the main unit isn’t connected to the tivo service at all times… it only connects every night or every other night or whatever to get program data. you can do network calls on the main unit and the mini in order expedite the process. the last mini i added to my system connected within 2 network calls.

Does the Mini work with the TIVO OTA and if so what additional equipment is necessary to get it to communicate with the mothership if I am on a wi-fi set up?

Can you hook up a Mini to multiple DVRs in your home? I already have a Bolt but was thinking of picking up a Roamio if it’s this cheap to add additional tuners available across the house (recognizing they’d be OTA broadcast only).

Is this version of the Mini compatible with the Roamio?

Can I buy a Roamio remote, switch it to IR mode, and use it with this version of the Mini?