TiVo Mini2 (RF Version)

It’s TiVoTom again. I’m here to tell you how much better your life will be with a TiVo Mini2 (RF version). You might even forget that your favorite TV show was cancelled

This looks interesting. I don’t have cable TV. I do have a Chromecast, fire tv, a crappy antenna signal, and an internet connection. Can I use this, or is it not for me?

brokeandeager - Think of the TiVo Mini as an extender to a TiVo DVR. You need to have a TiVo DVR first for the Mini to pair with.

In your situation that Roamio OTA for sale here on Woot! is the product you should be considering:

Does this include lifetime service?

I already have a Roamio Pro with Lifetime service. If I purchase these refubished Minis, do I need to get a service plan?

No charge for service according to TiVo.com:
“Attach a Mini to all the additional TVs in your house and get a Tru Multi Room™ experience, so there’s nothing you can’t do in the bedroom that you can do on the couch. Plus, you pay no additional monthly fees—the best bargain in the business.”


I got one to add to my Tivo system. 1 Base unit and 2 minis. It said the new RF model wasn’t compatible. I have move minis from room to room. I’m not sure how much longer I will keep this cable and Tivo. I should not to be limited 3 TVs.

Poppagene already said it, but just in case you were waiting for some official word, nope, these do NOT require any service fees. At all. Zero. So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice. :slight_smile:


How is this (Mini 2) different than the TIVO mini that I bought here on woot last week?

Is this compatible with my Tivo Premiere?

What a FANTASTIC question! (Thank you for asking.)

This is the newer version, which has the RF remote that lets you control the TiVo without having to point the remote at it. That means you can put the Mini behind cabinet doors, TVs, or paintings that are hinged so people think you have a wall safe.


The Minis are compatible with the 4-tuner Premiere models, but not the ones with 2 tuners. Which do you have, Sozburn?


I was thinking about getting one of these to add to my Tivo Roamio. Unfortunately, when checking the FAQ on the Tivo Mini…

Unfortunately, just not as easy to set up in one’s home. And if you want to use MoCA, it’s another device to purchase (Ethernet to MoCA adapter). Too bad…wireless networking should be built in now a days.

I think it’s just a 2. Got it in 2011. :frowning:

Yeah, we sure can’t recommend using wireless to stream full-motion video. It just wasn’t reliable enough to endorse. But I will say that my cohort TiVoTom has found that Powerline works just fine for him. Maybe that’s an alternative for you?


Bummer. Sorry, dude (or dudette). Can I interest you in a new TiVo BOLT? :stuck_out_tongue:


Many TiVos have Moca adapters built in.

If you have a model above the base roamio, that should have MOCA.

Jbitzerjr is right that some TiVo Roamios have MoCA adapters already in them. Our two top models in that line, the Roamio Plus and Roamio Pro, both have them. I should also point out that both of our current models, the BOLT 500GB and 1000GB (TB) have MoCA 2.0 inside.


I’ve been a Tivo user and subscriber since 2003. I believe I am on my 3rd box. If I was trying to keep up with the technology I’d have to buy one every year… Can’t afford it.