TiVo Premiere DVR & Stream Bundle

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TiVo Premiere DVR & Stream Bundle
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Wait a minute. Wooters have nothing to say about a TiVo. Most Wooter LOVE TiVo. WHO STOLE MY WOOTERS!?!??!

Looks like TiVo sells the XL new for $399 without stream, so pretty good deal.

Will this work with my Apple TV instead?

review (plus video) on the DVR from cnet


Woot sold everyone a Roku device?

I had TiVo for years and absolutely loved it. We gave it up when a new cable service came with a free DVR, but it wasn’t nearly as awesome as TiVo. I loved the ability to tell TiVo to record “any gymnastics” and have it appear, like magic!, without needing to research when gymnastics was on television. Absolutely loved it.

(I no longer have cable, a DVR, or a TiVo!)

Sunday night miss TT

Here’s what a couple of people on twitter had to say about their TIVO Premier:

clarissa ‏@cneiding
I love that TiVo Premier is customized! you can content to your iPad or computer @babesandkids #ImWithTivo

Literary Winner ‏@LiteraryWinner
I love that I can use Netflix & Hulu on the Tivo Premier! @She_Scribes #ImWithTiVo

Scott R Heath KC8EMH ‏@scottrheath
Just #paired my #android with my #tivo #premiere with the #youtube app, it’s great using my phone as a #remote to control my #TV - #techtv

Madeline ‏@shala_darkstone
I love the new TiVo Premiere one-click 30-second scan feature so you can speed through parts of a show! @SweetTMakes3 #ImWithTiVo

Is the Stream Refurbished on either of the bundles?

[MOD: The Stream is NEW on both bundles.]

[MOD: The TiVos wooting today do NOT do Over The Air recording.]

[MOD: The previous comment was added by digidorm.]

I got a smaller TiVo a year ago with lifetime subscription and cancelled my cable completely.

I do like TiVo’s suggestions, which other DVR’s don’t do. When there’s room on the DVR (and even my smaller TiVo has lots of room) it will record stuff I MIGHT want to watch and put them in a separate queue… if my records need more space it just quietly deletes some suggestions. Handy for when you’ve watched everything in your queue and nothing good is on.

Edit: Since I’m off the cable grid, I got a cheap S-Video to RF converter box, and “back-feed” the TiVo to the rest of the house on channel 3 using the cable that was already run. (I lose HiDef but no big deal for kitchen/workout rooms) Combined with a wireless IR repeater, I was able to turn the TiVo into a whole-house system in less than an hour for under $50. (As long as everyone watches the same thing.)

TT: I tried finding something good and helpful about this Woot! but all I got was this video.


Except that one in new and not refurbished. Not that great of a deal. Especially if you don’t use iOS devices. There are still a few of us out there. I know. Crazy, right?

still shocked that tivo is $15 a month for what boils down to an EPG.
And lifetime keeps getting more and more expensive. And since this needs digital cable, you can already get a DVR from your provider for like $4 a month?

While I don’t like Boxee as a company, they are on to something by offering a cheaper monthly price. You would think this would be a market ripe for disruption.

I really think that the Lifetime Membership was a nice feature that TiVo had come up with a while back, the whole monthly billing thing is just bleh.

Most Cable MSO DVRs are ~$16-$20/mo

I love my TiVos, Own both The Premiere XL4 and the 2-Tuner Premiere. Would never go back to a Cable DVR. Just purchase Lifetime. Break-even Payoff is about 30-36mos.

The write-up keeps saying “up to four shows and once,” which confuses.

The product description under “Features” reads “record up to 4 shows at once,” which clarifies.

So, I’m thinking Woot needs to undertake a quick edit before the crowds get rowdy.

FiOS subscribers should be cautious about this woot. There are significant unresolved issues activating cable cards ever since Fios implemented new encryption standards and copy protection at the behest of HBO & Cinemax. Getting basic unencrypted HD channels is easy, getting some premium channels requires a brief phone call, but getting HBO and Cinemax working has proven to be a nightmare for many.

It’s in the description, but be sure to note that these are cable TV only. They won’t record over-the-air from an antenna. And you will need a CableCard from your cable provider.

I’ve had TiVos for years (one of my first Woots was a Series3), and I really love them. Yes, it’s probably more expensive than the cableco’s DVR, but it’s way, way better.

The lifetime subscription is tied to the specific box, but 95% of the failures are due to bad hard drives which can be replaced and does not affect the subscription. I have a lifetime Series2 from 2003 that’s had a couple of hard drives, but is still working.

Hmmm…here’s the Premiere 4/Stream bundle for $199.98 at Best Buy. LINK Any thoughts?

[MOD: See posts below. Appears to be Premier, not Premier 4.]
You’re probably right. Okay. Carry on.

The Stream is NEW on both bundles. In the Features:

• Condition: New

Apparently, TiVo also has a promo code to knock $50 off the current models until Feb. 5 as well. I love my Series 3 and would like to upgrade. But the Stream is useless to me and requires a wired ethernet to interact with the Premiere.