TiVo Premiere DVR & Stream Bundle

**Item: **TiVo Premiere DVR +%26 Stream Bundle
Price: $149.99
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Condition: New

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Take a look at the Product Page for the premiere

Dontown Abbey?


These are probably going to get cheaper now that a newer version is out. I have one of these (the two tuner version) and I love it. The newer model is roughly the same but much faster.

Roamio, Roamio…

Where for art thou, Roamio?

My Roamio was delivered and set up yesterday.

Records 6 channels using the same M Card your Premiere is alreay using.

The UI is more refined. The core layout is still the same, and does not offer end user customization.

Now, without having to plug in another electronic accessory near my TV, the Tivo streams directly to iOS 5.1 or newer device (iPad 3 for me), and it streams better than my Slingbox has. Makes me consider getting an iPhone rather than my HTC OneX+ Android! lol

Check out this overview (and video) over at cnet.com

Let’s check out the UI [youtube=UAg03GoK3uE][/youtube]

Makes me consider getting an iPhone rather than my HTC OneX+ Android! lol

Blasphemous! Don’t be an I-drone!
If they had some kind of deal on the subscription fee like with the SIMPLE.TV , we might be in business. Other than that, the DVD with verizon is and extra $8!

who would buy into this…crazy! still need some kind of cable service way too much money

Why would you need cable service?

this doesn’t support satellite or ota channels.

Hey, they have company, to the tune of 322,000 other creative spellers. (The boring mainstream spelling gets 74 million hits)

The link to TiVo’s website in the description is broken :frowning:

You need digital cable with a mulch-cast cable card for the premier 4 or xl4. We switched to fios from directv with no hiccups. Love the box (the XL4). Price is comparable to what is out there at this time.

Explain to me why I need this?

I hate TWC and spending $18/mo on their HD DVR but if it dies a free replacement is a phone call.

For this, I need to still rent a cable card at $5/mo, pay at least $155 up front and a minimum of $15/mo to make it work. If it dies I own an expensive brick.

How is this cheaper? Isn’t there a way to make old PS2’s and Myth TV happen for a lot less?

If Woots product photos are acurate, it seems there are two different models of each Tivo Premier. The Tivo Premier product page shows both an OTA HD Antenna input and cable input. And per my conversation with Tivo last week, when I was researching for my parents, no cablecard is needed and the premier supports simultaneous connection of both analog cable and OTA HD.

I was tempted by this until I saw the single antenna input.

No thanks for a TiVo. I had one of these and wanted to renew for a year again-after 5+ years of service. They said nope, no year agreenment. You have to go month to month or lifetime.

I’m no longer a TiVo customer and won’t ever be again. The technology used to be unique but it isn’t anymore.

Just before the Premiere’s came out about 3+ years ago I bought a Tivo HD XL with a lifetime sub from woot. The price for these on Ebay is still going for over $200 because of the lifetime sub. Plus you have to factor in that you are getting a superior product to the cable dvr. But personally I would not go for the older, cheaper Tivo. Get the new one. It’s getting good reviews and does a lot more.