TiVo Premiere DVR & Stream Bundle

**Item: **TiVo Premiere DVR +%26 Stream Bundle
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Just say no. These are cheap because their replacement (TiVo Roamio) is out, and it’s 20x better. The Premiere line is too slow for the interface it is running and it’s just not worth the annoyance level.

Save your pennies and look at a Roamio if you want a TiVo.

Well thats one opinion. Some people dont even like the new UI on the Roamio - and I dont agree that its “20 times better”. This combo with the Stream does almost everything the new one does. In fact the lowest price Roamio doesnt even include the Stream.
I upgraded to one of these (4XL a month or so ago from an older tivo). I paid 250 - now its 199.

This (the 4XL + Stream) is a FANTASTIC package deal on a tivo with a huge hard drive - and MOST of what the Roamio does - for a fraction of the cost.
I dont notice anything seeming slow at all - Ive got 4 tuners and a huge hard drive. The stream allows me to watch a show in the other room on my phone or ipad.

I hardly call the Roamio saving pennies. If you are upgrading - and get 100 off the lifetime subscription - then getting one of these - AND paying for lifetime subscription - is the same cost as the Roamio Pro - WITHOUT the subscription.

I couldnt be happier with the 4XL package I bought off here a month or so ago - for 50 dollars more than it is now.

Ive watched the Tivo deals for a couple years now - waiting to upgrade - it wont be a better deal than this.

I love my TiVo premiere and stream. I bought my stream from BB when it first launched and TiVo from Ama 2+ years ago. I love the quality and and reliability. Being able to take all my shows to work, doctors appointments, or waiting for the lady to get her nails done is such a nice treat. Mine has 2 tuners. I would love to get the 4 tuners but I haven’t needed it yet. But keep in mind the new TiVo Mini will only work with a 4 tuner TiVo. Anyone just starting with TiVo should get the 4 tuner just in case there are more devices in the future. Good luck and enjoy.

I bought one of these last time on woot and after 3 visits from the cable company TiVo finally said send it back. Doa and they would rush a new one out to me. Still waiting for over 2 weeks to rush one out to me. I am out 2 vacation days for the cable company and $500 lifetime subscription and still have nothing to show for it.

I still have my Series 2 box after 7 years and it still works like a champ, but I’m getting a little tired of a single tuner.I’m considering an upgrade. 4 questions:
1/ on the 4xL (or even the standard Premiere for that matter) I assume Wifi capability is still not built in and I’d need an adapter. Correct?
2/ Does the 4xL come with the slide-out remote?
3/ Is Stream compatible with Android devices yet?
4/ If I already have a device with Lifetime service, is the current discount still $100 off of Lifetime on the new box? I believe that’s $399-$100=$299
Thanks for any help you can provide.

I have had three TiVos for years. Each one better than the next and wouldn’t be without any of them. They’re all networked, so I can watch programming from each on any TiVo device. Thanks to my Slingbox, I can also control and watch them streaming live or from what’s recorded on each, at my vacation home 2000 miles away where presently, I have no TiVos. This is a great deal for a wonderful device.

Was all excited to get this as I really want to cut the cord on cable… but…
“does not support satellite, AT&T U-verse, antenna or analog cable)”
and then below it is a advert for a 150 mile antenna so you can cut the cord! Some likes teasing us!

You need a cable card for this from your cable company. Some cable companies architecture works seamlessly others don’t. For example time warner no problems, charter forget about it.

Either way, why don’t you use your pc and trying a cheap alternative like a " Hauppauge WinTV Dual Tuner Cable Card TV Tuner"

Accomplishes the same thing, at a fraction of the cost. You still need a cable card from your cable company but those things are like 85$ and no monthly fees and are only dependent on your disk hard drive size locally or externally.

Form factor is spread out a little bit, so neat freaks, maybe the TiVo is the package for you.

Not quite - appears the deal for lifetime is:

Option 2 - $499.99 product lifetime service – if you are a TiVo customer already and add this box, the service will be only $399.99/lifetime

The lifetime service is a rip off because the TIVO box doesn’t last that long!!! I learned the hard way, beware!

I still think Windows Media Center with a Ceton or SiliconDust cablecard tuner is still a better option than TiVo, but totally get the ease of use/support it brings. The recurring and up-front costs just aren’t worth it to me.

I replaced my broken series 2 (originally purchased in 2003). I just purchased 2 tivo series 2 models (one with lifetime) on craigslist for $40. My one use-case is it lets me save premium content (HBO, etc) to my tablet. Otherwise I get do all my DVR’ing through WMC.

I tried to say that once and I was flamed. I’ve had tivos since around 2003 or so when they first come out. Got mine at walmart on clearance with dust on the box cause they couldn’t sell it.

none of the ones I’ve had has lasted longer than 3 years tops.

I’ve had my TiVo boxes (with lifetime) for close to 9 years now without issue. The money I have saved by not paying the cable company for a dvr or a cable box definitely made it worth it. I’ve definitely recouped the $399 and I think $299 for my older box. Love TiVo. Cable company box sucks; terrible interface.

All three of my TiVos have lifetime service, which after the first purchase have been discounted $100 each. About the only thing that can go wrong with a TiVo is having the hard drive crash. This happened to me after a power outage a few years ago. Since I think the lifetime service is related to the on-board processor and not the hard drive, you simply swap out the defective drive with a new one. There is a company on the West Coast called “WeaKnees”. You can send them your TiVo for repair or they will send you the parts to do it yourself. I had them send me the parts and also increased the size of the hard drive at the same time. Great company to work with. They also sell refurb TiVos and Souped-up ones with giant hard drives. One of my TiVos is about 10 years old, the others a few. With the exception of the problem mentioned, they have all been working 24/7 flawlessly.

Love TiVo. I have three but come on, give some love to Android!