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Would TiVo charge a fee to transfer service from my Series 2 TiVo to this new unit?

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Nice price…about matches an unadvertised sale supposedly available to current customers.

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No, you just log into your tivo account and select “change tivo service number” or something close to that. I’ve upgraded mine twice this way.

Edit: Unless you have lifetime on your tivo…then its a big transfer fee.

Sort of.

You should probably check with Tivo Customer Service to be sure, but I bet you’re probably entitled only to a “multi-box” discount, not a really low priced “transfer” fee.

Still, it’s nothing to sneeze at…I got a Tivo Series 3 from Woot not long ago for a good price, and the discount of lifetime service (added onto the price of the box) made me happy. Your happiness mileage may vary.

Beware… Tivo rewrote the software that runs the Premiere from the ground up. Unfortunately, the older models all used real software; the Premiere uses Flash, which is buggy, slow, unresponsive, and packed with security holes. I’ve been a Tivo owner for more than a decade, but I’d never buy one of these.

Sadly I just canceled my TiVo service. I really loved it, it was always fantastic, but the local cable company all but rendered my series 2 useless. TiVo wanted $60 more than woot is offering today to “upgrade” me. Gee, thanks TiVo. Thumb down on your sales pitch, but Thumb up for the awesome service.

Review of this model at consumersearch


Use promo code PLSR when you activate your Tivo for $100 off Product Lifetime Service, making it $299.

I just picked up the premiere xl a couple weeks ago to replace my year old series 3 hd box. The new one has a ton of space. There are a couple cons however. For one, it’s not fully 1080p compliant. I have a 1080p TV but TiVo doesn’t recognize it as such. The highest resolution it will detect and let me use is 1080i. Also, it is a bit slow. Slower than my series 3. I have read online that the next update will fix this, but I’m not holding my breath.

I have one of these, and two other Tivos (including one that I bought from Woot, three years ago). I had trouble with the system locking up, and found out from the Tivo forums that the problem is greatly reduced if you switch from the new HD menus to the old-style menus. If you use the old menus, it’s faster than the previous generation.
I’ve also read that the processors in these are dual-core, but that one of the cores is disabled in the OS, because enabling it makes them even more unstable. It has been promised that when they work the bugs out, they’ll enable the second core, which should make it as quick with the HD menus as it is now with the SD menus.

Just received mine today from electronics-expo.com for $140 brand new with promocode lsda0903(plus shipping 12.99 and I had to pay in state tax). Right now they are out of stock, but they keep restocking. You can still get the XL for 299.00 using that promocode (but for in-store pick up only if you live in NJ). If they become available again, the code doesn’t seem to ever want to die. It was a labor day weekend code thus the 0903. I just bought mine on Oct. 7th and the code worked and still works on the XL.

Screw the Square trade warranty offered by woot. When you activate it you can add the tivo extended warranty which I did for 39.99 for 3 years. Plus I used promocode PLSR which gave me lifetime for 299.99.

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I have two Tivo series 1’s, both with lifetime. Any idea what they charge to xfer the service to a newer unit?


Just an FYI if you are looking at possible upgrading your existing Tivo you can buy a brand new one of these for $269 and get the lifetime service for $199. If you buy this one it’s $169 and the lifetime service is $299. It comes out the same except on here it’s refurbished and $5 shipping and at Tivo it’s new and free shipping.

What am I missing here - I just discontinued my Tivo service. Why would anyone pay to have a Tivo system that requires the cost of a phone line to download the programming information to the unit, the cost of the Tivo unit itself and the cost of the monthly or lifetime service to run it. When you can just rent a DVR from the cable company or satellite TV company without the expense of the phone line? Cost wise it doesn’t make sense plus technology is always improving which you can keep up with renting a DVR from the cable co… Someone enlighten me.

Well, my Tivo connects to the internet through my router. I don’t have a phone line. In the long run, the prices equalize out between the two, and the quality of service is not comparable. Comcast DVRs are awkward to work with, with a poor-quality interface. They also have this tendency to be very bad at fast-forwarding and rewinding, kind of important, basic features for a DVR.

No longer need the DVR remote from the cable company makes it worth it. I have Tivo on one tv and a cable DVR on another- if you lived in my house, you’d be enlightenend by the vast difference between them… but I’ll probably stick with my series 3 for now anyway.