TiVo Premiere DVR

Still waiting on the HD version for my Directv.

This shouldn’t really be a problem since 1080p cable/broadcast TV isn’t available anywhere in the US. All of the HD channels are 1080i or 720p. 1080p is only available via something like a Blu-Ray player or an Xbox 360, not for TV shows (unless you have a satellite dish… in which case you can’t use the TiVo anyway).

At any rate, the TiVo Premier supports 1080p, just if it’s doing native channel decoding, it’s simply pushing through the same resolution that the channel is. So, if you gave it a 1080p channel, it would be 1080p, but all of your channels are currently 1080i or 720p, so it doesn’t.

I just got a TiVo Premiere with my RCN cable service here in NYC.

It’s costing me $20 bucks a month! Any idea if I could use this in lieu of spending $20 a month? Or would I just have to pay Tivo every month instead?

How long would I need to have this Premiere to hit the break-even point?

How do you get this pricing? I just looked at my account through the upgrade options I have, and the Tivo Premiere is $209, and the lifetime is $399. Is there a code I apply at checkout? Or maybe this is a custom deal just for you? I’ve been a Tivo subscriber for about 8 years.

*I did some google searching and apparently the lifetime subscription for $199 is only offered to tivo subscribers who are already on a lifetime subscription. So in essence you can pay $200 to transfer your lifetime sub over to a new box.


I got the Tivo HD XL off of Woot a few months ago. It’s missing some of the features of the Premiere, but the huge hard drive was a big plus for me.
You can transfer videos from your pc easily to the Tivo. There’s software like pytivo and ktmmg that allows you to transfer stuff back and forth and convert it for ipad, iphones and androids. Pretty versatile unit but they didn’t work out all the bugs before shipping. That being said, it should continue to improve with every software update.

The Premiere is going to have Hulu Plus added soon and I bet they’re going to be pretty aggressive at adding more web content and apps to help distinguish this from Apple tv and Google tv. Those too are trying to bring the web to your tv, you still need a box for cable programming. Tivo has the cable programming part covered and now they’re incorporating the web content piece. Also, tivo now makes a remote with a slide out qwerty keypad that’s about $60 extra, but you can also use a wireless keyboard.

This podcast is pretty informative about google tv vs. tivo. Go to the 8:00 minute mark. http://www.engadget.com/podcast/

I liked my series 2, but got rid of it with Uverse.

Bought one of these a month ago through Tivo. Ditched my satellite service and went to rabbit ears.

Saving 90 bucks a month, and not missing it too much. Picture quality for OTA broadcasts is outstanding. Very nice having Netflix to stream (although I use the 360 as it has a better interface). Amazon has tv shows and Movies on Demand that are just a click away.

Tivo does need to do something about their Netflix interface. It’s pretty poor right now. I had a Roku before the Tivo and still use that for Netflix because the interface is so much better. I’m sure they’ll upgrade it eventually, it’s just a matter of how soon.

Can this be used to record from a rf output(channel 3 or 4), composite, HDMI etc…, without a tivo account?

No. TiVo boxes without the TiVo service are, essentially, doorstops.

Word of warning. If you have digital cable (which as far as I know requires a tuner box or cable card), then your TiVo is no longer a hassle free experience. I loved my TiVo Series 2 when it hooked up directly to the cable. Up time was near 100% and as others have said the interface and features are far and away better than what the cable companies provide even now for the nearly the same monthly fee. TiVo also offers a lifetime service contract for $300 allowing you to save versus the monthly fee model if you use the box for around 3 years or longer.

However due to the switch to digital the 3 series now requires cable cards to receive your programming which here in NC cost $5 each (you need 2 to record on two channels or surf on one and record on another). You can write that off since you’d be paying for a $12 a month tuner box anyway if you didnt have the TiVo however the cable cards are one way communication only. This means they can just receive a signal, they cannot send a signal back to request, a programming guide, a switched digital channel, or order a movie from the cable company like your tuner box can. TiVo provides an excellent guide and I have netflix so the $5 movies from the cable company are worthless to me but the switched digital is a big deal. Many HD channels are switched digital already and I’m sure many more will go that way. My two favorite channels Discovery and History are switched digital. In order to receive them I had to get a tuning adapter which the cable company must provide for free (they are required by law to allow competitors in the DVR market), however a tech has to come to set the thing up making it inconvenient and the damn things are buggy as hell. My TiVo has near 100% up time without one connected but as soon as I do it starts freezing up once or twice a month which causes every channel to turn gray. The TiVo is still running but the tuning adapter is frozen and not giving it any info. I haven’t figured out a way to get it to work again without a 15 minute restart (which is exceedingly annoying if you discover it is frozen right as a show you wan to see/record is starting). Additionally I still dont always receive every HD channel and I’m currently on my 3rd tuning adapter. Multistream cable cards are supposed to be send and receive when they are released which should eliminate the devil’s tuning adapter from my setup and solve many if not all of these issues, however it has been “near release” for over a year now (I’m shocked the cable companies would be dragging their feet to eliminate fees for a tuner box and DVR). None of this is TiVo’s fault but it does make it hard to use if you have switched digital channels you want to watch.

Sorry for the wall.

EDIT: Since posting this I decided to check if Time Warner Cable is finally offering the multi stream cable cards and they are! I’m excited to see if performance improves.

Also I pay $5 a month total for two single stream cable cards not $5 each. So you save $7 a month if you get rid of your cable box. Haven’t found out what a single multi channel card costs a month yet.

The Tivo should only require 1, 2 tuner card from you cable company. I have Comcast and they installed the card with no issues. I think the cost is $6/month, which was higher than I was expecting.

Because cable companies are evil.

I don’t know why you’re hung up on the phone line (ha!). You can use whatever Internet service you’ve got over either Ethernet or wi-fi. For that matter, if you’ve got a Mifi, that works too, as long as it’s available when the Tivo needs to update. I haven’t had a landline in six years and my Tivo works just fine.

You must have a MUCH better cable company DVR than any I ever saw…or do you WORK for a cable company?

This was my experience with Charter as well. Sometimes when I talk to them, they seem mildly surprised that I have a CableCard instead of a box, but it’s never a problem. The Premieres have only one slot, for a “multi-stream” CableCard. Two single-channel CableCards (which I believe was the required setup for dual-tuner Series 3 Tivos) won’t work.

For us, it was the same cost as the cable box that we were getting rid of.

EDIT: And of course, if you don’t get channels that require a cable box, you don’t need a CableCard either.

I use fios, the description says its fios compatible but does fios offer a dual channel cable card? And is it hard to get one from them, I read a while ago that its a pain to get one?

Since I’ve been thinking about canceling my Series 2 box (from woot!) subscription, I’ve talked with Tivo twice now. They swear up and down Comcast should only charge $1.95 for multi-stream cable cards, for upgrading to the Premiere. When I called Comcast, they also quoted me a $6 a month charge (in the Boston area).

Tivo claims if they get on a three-way call with Comcast Sales or Tech support with you, they will get you the $1.95 price that they say is the correct price. I haven’t tried yet, but still considering my options. Hope this helps you or anyone else.

Just under 2 years, if you spring for the lifetime service, that is if this is accurate:

The main benefit I see is that with TiVo you can add additional external storage, and set it up to automatically transfer your recorded shows to a computer on your network. The loss of the ability to get on-demand services is disappointing, but the essentially limitless storage outweighs it IMO.