TiVo Premiere DVR

I have a Tivo HD with a FiOS multistream CableCard, and it was a no-fuss call to request they send a guy out with one to setup for me.

Yes if it’s a lifetime like I have i would just add this to my account as another TiVo for the $6 monthly charge. I currently have a Tivo Series2 (Lifetime) for a bedroom TV and my main TV is a TiVo HD that I pay $6/mo.

TiVo is charging crazy amounts of money to transfer a lifetime to another TiVo where it just makes sense to pay the monthly on another TiVo box.

shoot. I just placed my order for 1 and I’d now like to add a second. I’ve emailed service but I’m afraid by the time they get back to me the sale will be over.

is it really not possible for me to edit my order? trying to buy a another one says I’ve already bought this sale.

I’d rather not create another account/use another credit card.


My Tivo Series was rendered useless by Comcast (after 10 years if you are thinking about the lifetime service it saved me about $1600 over the decade with lifetime).

Bought full cost Premier and LOVE it. These cable companies cut every cost possible when picking or designing their DVR. Do they do the same job, yes.

Just like a Kia and a Ferrari do the same job. Cable company DVR = Bad Hoopty with 20" rims. Tivo = Ferrari of the DVR world. Plus I can transfer to my PC and iPhone/iPad.

No “On Demand” stinks, but the Netflix streaming makes up for some of that. Kids love YouTube on it too.

I have a Tivo HD and a Tivo Series 3 with FiOS. They have recently started to have the multi-stream cable cards. In fact it’s all they have now.

For years, my first CableCard was free, and I was only charged a fee for the second card, but recently they upped the fee and started charging me for both. Also, the cards seem to have about a 1-year lifespan before they crap out and start losing your subscription data all the time. Then you have to have Verizon come replace them.

I won’t be getting the Premier though. It just doesn’t do the things that TiVo needed to add to their product to justify an upgrade from Series 3. It should have the ability to stream from DLNA servers. It should have Hulu+ support. They should be figuring out On Demand, even if it means cutting deals with cable companies. It should stream sports scores and overlay a configurable ticker over whatever you’re watching at the time… It should have apps; apps that let you do an end-run around your cable company’s offerings. Like an MLB.tv app, or other streaming services. Plus there are 1000 other cool things they could put in this powerful box if they still had even the least bit of imagination. (I’m willing to go be their product manager, but they don’t seem interested.)

Instead they give us Live TV while you’re in the menus. Big whoop.

I hate to say it, but it should CATCH UP TO CABLE BOXES. As somebody who has owned every TiVo generation since the original, that was a very sad thing for me to say. :frowning:

So I have RCN in DC and we have the same options as you, with regards to renting a TiVo Premiere from the company. You should be aware that there are plusses and minuses for both:

From RCN - Costs $20/month, $0 box cost, does not include Netflix streaming, includes Video-On-Demand

From Woot! - Box $170, Service is $12.95/month or lower if you prepay, RCN has one of the lowest CableCard costs out there (I pay $1.50/month), includes Netflix Streaming (costs $$$ but is better than VOD, IMHO)

For me, it’s a tossup. I got the TiVo from TiVo because I got a great upgrade price and I wasn’t willing to wait for the RCN TiVo to come out. However, if I was facing your choice, I may opt to stick with the RCN box, but you should be aware of all costs (including that pesky CableCard rental fee).

Also, RCN will charge the $30 truck roll fee whether it is to install your CableCard or to install a TiVo.

I have a fios multi streaming card in mine and it works great. The verizon tech knew exactly what I was talking about when I asked for one. I don’t think they do single streaming anymore (something about an FCC law from what I read, but not sure). I could be wrong. Just make sure you clarify with the tech that you want a multi streaming card. The down side is Verizon has to come out and install it. They will not let the consumer do it. It cost $3.99 a month. The other downside is you don’t get the fios on-demand which I don’t use all that often. We do have a verizon box in another room I could use if I really wanted the on demand. You do get all the extended channels such as HBO and Showtime. I would recommend getting netflix. It’s a nice add on to get the instant movie streaming. Not all movies are availble through instant streaming though, but still worth the $9 a month.

Oh and sometimes people can get them free if they have the right Fios deal. My mom has fios and she get’s it for free as part of her plan.

Thanks for the rundown.

I think I’ll stick with the RCN TiVo… since I have a Roku (thanks Woot!) for Netflix already, it seems like the only real benefit this would give me is owning the box.

Since it would take me two years or so of use to break even, doesn’t seem worthwhile to pay that money up front now.

I bought the TiVo HD XL on woot a few months ago. It was new; not refurbed. One of the tuners was inoperative so TiVo is sending me a new unit. If you’re new to TiVo, make sure everything works on it before your warranty ends.

Yes, they do and it is dual-tuner “M” card that has to be programmed at your house. They have to send a technician to your house to set it up. If you’re lucky he’ll even have one in his truck. Mine didn’t and he had to drive away and find one from another truck. He will install a program on one of your computers that’s plugged directly into the FiOS router, and run a program that finds the CableCard on your home network. Then the programming process takes about ten minutes because FiOS is so reluctant to support CableCards that they can’t be bothered with programming them until home installation.

Be prepared with small talk or you’ll have an awkward ten minutes of both of you waiting around. During my awkward ten minute chat, I found out that the CableCard in the FiOS box is a triple-channel card but Verizon hasn’t yet figured out how to enable the third tuner without crashing the box. Oh, and that Verizon is a phone company pretending to be a cable company and apparently their only saving grace is the huge bandwidth on FiOS.

Oh, a better deal is at TiVo.com where you get a FREE TiVo Premiere if you agree to two years at $20/month.

If I just want to use this for some analog cable service at my University, can I use this without having one of those CableCards?

also would I still be able to get the unscrambled Clear QAM stations (for local HD channels) without that CableCard too?

According to the TiVo user guide and on-screen menus, the TiVo does not support 1080p. It supports “1080p pass-through,” whatever that means, but the TiVo itself only supports up to 1080i. Most recorded content is only going to be 1080i, anyway.

Anyone know about expanding the HD space? Can you attach any eSATA drive? Does that void the warranty?

Probably a little late to reply to this at this point, but.

No. You cannot add any eSATA drive without hacking the unit. It will only recognize approved drives listed on the TiVo website (and marked up, of course) by default.

Shipping Update

TiVo Premiere DVR has completely shipped via FEDEX GROUND. All tracking has already been emailed out. You can also find your tracking number by following this link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


Thanks for the code. It worked for me!

I received both of the TiVo’s that I ordered today. however, one of the boxes was completely missing all of the cables/manuals and the remote, ugh. I emailed service@woot.com is woot usually pretty good about taking care of things like these? I was really looking forward to setting these up tomorrow =\

Same thing happened to me. The response I received from woot was “you have a warranty, contact tivo.” Definitely not the kind of woot service I’m used to.

I’m not sure what you were looking for, specifically, but this product was listed with a one-year TiVo warranty.

I agree that it sucks that it didn’t come with the cables (mine didn’t either), but TiVo was really nice about it and sent out the missing items within the day.