TiVo Premiere DVR

Fasten your seat belts, we’ve hit the warp speed portion of the woot-off tonight.

This could be the baseball one.

For those of you who are drunk, I suggest you fasten your airbags.

Lol, those speakers lasted all of 5 seconds, 3 sets eh? How many TIVO units in da haus?

Tivo still exists?!

Who watches T.V.?

$65 is a good deal, even though it is a referb, since it gets the $13/month plan.

Sooo…5$ more than the new price shipped on amazon? am I missing something?

what is that a pic of? lol

what was the link for automatic refreshing page? tired of F5ing…

Who the hell would pay $13 bucks to watch tv when a good antenna and a D-VHS deck go for $8.99 on ebay?