TiVo Premiere DVR

Good timing again, Woot! I just paid $80 for a refurbed Premiere two weeks ago… Love it!

With some basic screwdriver skills and a lack of fear these can be expanded to around 300 hours for the price of a 2gb drive.

These look nice, but the monthly fees or lifetime fees spoil the deal. I have a HTPC with a usb tuner card box and don’t have to pay any monthly fee. The programming guide is in windows 7 and comes from Zap2it. A few channels were coming in 3 hrs off and Zap2it had them fixed a week after I notified them.

Long time TiVo user and I just upgraded to a new TiVo Premiere from Tivo for $99, including the wireless adapter and 6 months of HuluPlus.

Even though the Premier has a QAM tuner, don’t expect to make use of it. It will tune and you can manually set it to record, but TiVo will not provide a guide. My options were to upgrade to the “standard” cable package for another $50/month or use the antenna. TiVo works beautifully with the local broadcast channels.

Thanks woot… I ALMOST bought a $79.99 refurb this morning! Score! I already have a Premiere and it’s great. My four year old Series 3 is finally fading, so this will make the perfect replacement. Long live TiVo… Long live Woot!

A “2gb” drive"??

I have one, and love it. If you go to http://weaknees.com, you can buy hard drive expansion kits and other parts, cheap.

Old question: I’m considering this for future spec purposes. Until if and when I pony up for the subscription, does this unit have any value/use? As, perhaps, an OTA tuner/converter? Am I required to subscribe when I buy the unit?

You basically need the subscription, without it you can still tune channels but you won’t get the TiVo guide so you won’t be able to select shows to record or access any of the other TiVo features.

The mass insanity that is subscription devices for recording TV. I have a harddrive, dvd recorder with a atsc tuner that records over the air HDTV in SD quality for the price of the hardware.

So, in the short run, I could use it (connected to an antenna) to tune in OTA channels? Could I connect it to a DVD recorder and make recordings?

I had a directv tivo unit for years still have it!!! boxed up. Switched to cable and DVR and have missed tivo ever since. If my unit was HD I would have switched back to Directv. Just because the service is so outstanding and nothing on the market can compete with tivo.

Stuck on Tivo 2, becuase Tivo Premiere no-worko with Dish Network.

Christ, I hate CEO egos. Just whip them out on the boardroom table and have a secretary measure whose is longer.

Then, both of you, go back to giving the customer some f’ing service

Trigger pulled.

You realize the Tivo’s Woot is selling right now can be used with your cable service?

The service is way to high…

First, issue, you do need a subscription to record–at least after the first month. The program guide I’d not necessary to record because you can set it up manually . However you need the Internet to set it up and that starts a timer that will shut off recording functions after one month.

Second issue, this does NOT have a built in OTA antenna. If you have a dvd recorder all you need is an OTA antenna–unless your dvdr doesn’t have a tuner. I never tried to hook it up to a dvdr.I don’t think it has the output for anything except TVs but I haven’t checked recently. This unit is mainly to stream video like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.

IMHO, if you already have a DVD recorder and want to stream off the Internet a rocku box will do that without any additional fees ( other than the service you are streaming). A Roku doesn’t record though. If all you want is OTA, then buy an indoor antenna. If you are in a good reception area a cheap indoor antenna will work fine.

Do not buy a TiVo unless you need both Internet streaming avd a recorder and don’t mind paying the fee. BTW, the lifetime subscription is for the life of the box and vastly increases the resale value later on.

I am using a Roku for streaming over the Internet and a indoor antenna for OTA.

I work as a cable tech, and I you should know that you will need a digital tuning adaptor (such as a MTR 700) and CABLEcable card provided by the cable company if you wish to view digital content. The tuner will be loaned for free, but the CABLEcard will run you around $2.50/month. From experiance, I will tell you that CABLEcards are finicky little devices and sometimes fail to pair, or will unpair from your TiVo.

Not all Cable Cos and markets (cities) need a SDV Tuning Adapter, Some do and they can be finicky at times, But it is not enough to worry about. The FCC has made it clear that Cable Cos MUST make 3rd party CableCARD devices perform as expected. If they don’t, they could face fines. TWC seems to have the most problems and TWC tends to make it very difficult. Most of the other big Cable Cos just make sure it works as it should. I have Cox Communications and a Cisco SDV Tuning Adapter and my TiVos work very well, 99.9% of the time.

CableCard Know Your Rights:


So let me get this straight. I use to have a VCR and I could pay $2.00 for a video tape and I could record tv for 6 months or more before it wore out. Not I have to pay $14.99 a month to record tv? Doesn’t make sense to me. Give me my VCR back.