TiVo Premiere Elite DVR

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TiVo Premiere Elite DVR
$299.99 + $5 Standard OR $14 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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[youtube=KAlTsRajhls][/youtube] here is a video from bart williams director of marketing. Tivo Premier elite is the highest product in the product line as of 2011

Recording 4 shows at the same time with 4 tuners built in to this TiVo unit is a fine feature to have.


4 shows at a time? Sheesh, I didn’t even realize there were that many shows on t.v.

Check out the many TiVo forums. These babies are Unix-based, and you can easily connect them to your network, TiVo is indeed a magic box! But watch out for what service you select. Lifetime is still a better deal, but it means “lifetime of the unit”, not you. However, http://weaknees.com rebuilds them all for a flat rate, no matter what went wrong.

If you’re confused like I was…
It seems the Premiere Elite was renamed the Premiere XL4.

If you go to TiVo’s website, you’ll see only the XL4 shown in the current lineup.

I don’t know why this is still advertised as an Elite, but I’m assuming it’s old stock and therefore everything has the old name.

And the price on TiVo’s site is $399.99.

You guys are still confused. There are 3 Tivos in the current lineup: Premiere, Premiere Elite, and Premiere XL4. I just got an email from them today offering the Elite (this one) for $249. The XL4 is the one with 4 tuners and a TB drive in it.

Edit: I am confused too. Just read the write up (which I should have done before posting, shame on me) and these specs do match the one that is called XL4 now. And it was $100 more from Tivo.

Sorry, no.

From TiVo:

"Are there any differences between the Premiere XL4 and TiVo Premiere Elite?

No. With four tuners, a two-terabyte hard drive, and easy access to broadband entertainment, the TiVo Premiere XL4 provides the same great features as the formerly offered TiVo Premiere Elite."

No, it’s Premiere, Premiere XL, and Premiere Elite (now XL4)
The XL has 2 tuners. The Elite/XL4 is the 4 tuner model. $300 is a great price for it.

and…we’re still waiting for the DirecTivo…

OK so if it’s lifetime of the unit, I would go for that even though I am too old to count on a lot of years. I’ll just will it to one of my kids and that will make it a good “investment”.

Do I have that right?

I was milking a Series 1 DirecTivo till the almost football strike last year and figured I’d given them long enough and the ever rising NFL Ticket price.

Got my one of these babies after attempting to live with the Verizon DVR. Ouchie!

Even with just 2 of us in the house, I routinely see all four tuners going.

I’m just hoping they get their heads out of their asses and release the Tivo Extender modules to consumers. I think I heard that Dish was now coming out with a DVR that would drive 5 TVs around the house.

Tivo needs to understand that by letting this beast be a media center, they’ll sell a whole lot more of them than trying to get people to buy 4 tivos, even the $99 ones.

Yay, I finally get myself a TiVo Premiere! And at a third the price of my TiVo 3 :confused:


For 4-500 you can build a htpc that does all if this with no monthly fees … And oh yeah it’s a computer to

Thanks! Looks like I’ll be in for 1.

I hear what your saying but this thing does on-demand as well.

How does this compare to the announced but not yet for sale Ceton Q, which is supposed to have 6 tuners, a Blu-Ray player, 2TB HD, ethernet, WiFi, and cable box functionality via CableCard? I.e. basically an HTPC without the PC part. It should also be able to stream content from one’s local network and the internet. I can’t see it selling for less than $400, and even then it would be a bargain.

Oh yeah, no subscription fees as it’s based on Windows Media Center.

Myself, I already have a decent HTPC with Ceton’s 4 tuner InfiniTV PCIe card so I don’t need either of these devices, but I might end up getting the Q for my mom when it comes out. Just wondering if this has any advantages over it. Does it record ATSC OTA? The Q doesn’t, I believe.

So if I don’t pay the subscription fee, is this thing just a paperweight? Or can I press the record button to recording things manually?