TiVo Premiere XL High Definition THX Certified DVR

Alatest review average is 71 out of 100.


Is TIVO still a relevant brand/product?

Some guy told me once, “You should get a tivo, it will change your life”.

I was like “I don’t think so.”.

Hw was all “No, seriously, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

I was all “Yeah probably not, I don’t have a TV”.

That shut him up.

Will it work with Fios or Uverse?

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I still do not get TiVo. If you have already paid for the hardware, what does the $13 monthly fee get you?

Is it basically the “easy button” for the not-so-tech-savvy folks?

This kinda makes me wish i still had cable…

It’s nice that, even as a refurb, it comes with all the cables. Not to mention some crazy cool blue spectacles!

Because you buy it below their cost to make it (think cell phones and contracts)…

Can i put a lifetime on it?? or is it restricted to a monthly fee?

what do the blue glasses do?

no more cable for me either!

You have to either have OTA or cable cards. If FIOS / Uverse uses a cable card then I believe it will work. No on DirecTV or Dish, however.

what can this do WITHOUT the monthly subscription fee?

(i pay enough for cable as is)

I’ll never go back after finally switching over to a HTPC with Windows 7. No more subscriptions, or paying a lot for lifetime service. I will say though, that I do miss how devices like these just work with no real hassles. The only problem I every had with my ReplayTV was when the hard drive crashed. The HTPC definitely comes with a higher hassle factor, but it is so nice to have a full PC with Internet available right on your TV.

Fios yes, Uverse no.

Fios - Yes

U-Verse - No

The Premiere XL is THX certified. The Blue Glasses are used ONLY for the THX optimizer to make your TV look better – brighter colors, etc. The THX Optimizer is already installed on your Tivo when you take it out of the box.

I thought it was a really nice way to do it. Unfortunately on my Samsung DLP I couldn’t change all the settings they wanted me to change.