TiVo Premiere XL High Definition THX Certified DVR

It serves as a nice TV Stand. That’s about it.

I can’t seem to figure that one out either…

Don’t “get” tivo? If you watch any television at all, want programming information at your fingertips, record shows automatically no matter how frequently the time slot changes and don’t want to read TV guide every week to find the odd show that you’ve always wanted to see, Tivo is indispensable. Then again, if you only use your TV set as a second monitor while you’re playing WoW, you probably have better uses for your money.

So basically, if you plan on using it longer than 2.5 years, you’re better off buying the lifetime service contract for another $400?


anyone see where the asterix leads to?

->*Only $12.95 Monthly Service Plan (Purchase Seperately)

I’ve been on the fence about getting a tivo, but the monthly deals i’ve seen are set at $19.95 per month with 1yr commitment…

and a whole lot of complaining about tivo monthly fee/contract…


any idea what tivo will charge when you call them seperately?

I have lifetime on my 2 TivoHD’s so I think so (assuming you can get lifetime on this)…

The 12.95 service gets you your recording options. The hardware is yours to keep, but you dont get full features of box w/o service, or any at all really.

Anyone know if this will work on Comcast digital?

I put together a fast HTPC for the same price that does all you’ve described without the monthly fee–it even edits out commercials, streams content over the net, etc.

Like I said, my guess is the “easy button” is the main selling point. I would just encourage the tinkerers out there to consider the alternative: Instead of paying $200 for the box + $400 in fees, build an HTPC and have fun with it :slight_smile:

It looks to me like you can buy the same refurb unit from Tivo clearance for $299 save $100

I love my TiVo but have an older model that doesn’t support Netflix. I have been waiting for a deal to upgrade. There are definitely cheaper ways to get your television fix, but for those of us not too tech-savvy types, this is an easy and very satisfying option.

I see $299. Link?

And this has the full warranty.

Can you access Hulu with this model?

NNooo!! Head on over to www.tivo.com and check out their upgrade option.

$469 gets you a brand new Premiere AND lifetime service!

Was supposed to get mine Thursday, but UPS says it’s been stuck in Fort Worth for THREE DAYS!!! Wunderground says they’ve had <./5" of snow this week, so wTF???

edit:lol, I got censored there…hehehe…

WARNING! Stay away! I own one of these, I bought it brand new months ago and hate it. My old TiVo HD was so much better. This one is annoyingly slow. It also locks up all the time, requiring a power cycle. And Netflix is terribly annoying to use.

Sorry to crap on this, but people need to know the truth before making the same mistake I did.

Check out the double asterisks after price

I ass-umed woot had a usual 90day waranty
You are correct. The warranty is the same (1yr) as is the price if you buy from Woot or Tivo.

I got the TIVO HD XL last time around and never looked back. It totally disassociates you from commercials and records more than you’ll watch in a month.

You return your cable box (a small monetary advantage), get a CableCard, which all companies are obliged to supply, and sail on. It records two channels at once, regular or HD. Buy a lifetime subscription and hope the gods favor you with no equipment blowups. (The lifetime subscription is for the life of the box, not yours!)

It is a phenomenal recorder with a remote that is as intuitive as it gets. It has diagnostics that really work: at first I had some trouble getting good pictures. I checked in with TIVO Central via phone and was told to select a page where the input signal was measured in real time. It was very low from the cable company and they suggested an amplifier that Radio Shack had by the dozens. Total success. I could watch the signal strength numbers increase as I cranked up the amp pot.

TIVO is in constant communication with your box (it’s always on) and issues updates to its software and channel listings as you sleep. I recently complained to them about the changes at MSNBC because of Keith Olbermann’s departure (I’m a Leftie) and, the next day the channel listing was corrected.

The active menu is intuitive and complete. recordings can be made ad hoc or over the duration of the series.

It is a complete upgrade over my previous Time-Warner HD box. I’ve never been sorry to have bought this. The item issued here is the successor to mine and has some positives as well as some negatives: not enough to worry about. Get it: you won’t be sorry.

Sorry to break it to you, but an HTPC is basically worthless for digital cable these days. Cable providers have been switching to all-digital with encryption so the NTSC, ATSC, and QAM tuners in an HTPC do you no good anymore. I used an HTPC for many years but now it’s basically only useful as a media center and for streaming online content, etc. About the only option to get it working as a DVR again would be to hang the HTPC off a cable box and have it send IR to the box to change channels, which is just ugly.
For someone who just watches OTA an HTPC with a couple ATSC tuners would work fine, but for digital cable users TiVo is vastly superior, and it’s a heck of a lot better than the slow clunky Motorola DVRs that many cable providers offer for a similar (or higher) monthly charge.

Hulu has plans for Roku boxes and Premier, soon Hulu Plus will be available for a fee, memory says $7-8 a month. No to free Hulu.

I bought one of these last time they were up on Woot and my wife refuses to use it because it lacks a DVD player like the Tivo she has now.