TiVo Roamio OTA Digital Video Recorder



I am also a long time Media Center user, and I’ll never forgive Microsoft. I don’t see this as an upgrade; I found Media Center to be more refined, more intuitive. That being said, TiVo is the best replacement I could find after trying other Media Center replacements (Kodi, Media Portal, Myth, NextPVR, etc.). Anyway, as was noted previously, there is a great deal on these directly from TiVo- includes the lifetime guide, which I highly recommend (do the math, a year and a half of regular guide will pay for the lifetime subscription). Here’s the link:


The “fine print” says “cannot be combined with…multi-service discount”. I already have two TiVos and would certainly WANT the $12.99 monthly service i.e. the $2 multi-service discount. But I can’t apply for MSD with this offer from woot? Are these boxes not from TiVo somehow?


Only $10 cheaper than a new unit at big box stores (after shipping) or from that mega jungle esite. Add in $14.99/mo service plan -and not sure this has the same bang Woot! Used to bring to deals. Seems like someone needs to rewind the digital playback button a little longer/harder for me to want to play this show. …but that’s just me.


Is this eligible for the product lifetime service (PLS) discount that’s available right now on tivo.com? On tivo.com you can get PLS for $250 rather than normal $500.

If that discount is not available, saving $250 on PLS is a much better deal than saving $15 on the device.


The Roamio OTA has never been eligible for the multi-service discount, whether direct from TiVo.com or via Woot.com.

These boxes are from Tivo…somehow. :slight_smile:


The Roamio OTA plus PLS offer is available at TiVo.com and requires purchase of both hardware and service. Woot’s offer is on the Romaio OTA with monthly service.


Dammit I bought two of these (one for my house and one for my SO’s) and you guys just made me realize that I got a BAD DEAL. boooooo


I bought two of them and I will be shipping them back, refund will be less 15% restocking fee and no shipping refund. Caveat emptor or, put another way, woot! customers beware. Woot! is no longer bringing us great deals, they are just dumping crap from Amazon!


Why are you shipping them back? Not what you are wanting, or not working properly, or?


Do not be a foolish compulsive senior citizen who doesn’t read the fine print. OTA did not register as understandable. All I wanted was DVR. After realizing that this was not the right equipment for my needs, even just because it was the “deal” for me - it was too late to cancel. I tried to check return policies. Customer Service said: NO Refund, No returns. I’m stuck with a purchase I will never use. Buyer Beware. . . .