TiVo Roamio OTA Digital Video Recorder

TiVoTom reporting in - Ask away!

I have (and love) my roamio for my living room. Could I use this one to stream my recordings to my bedroom instead of a mini? Would I still need a second subscription if that is its main purpose?

redwinglea - Thanks for being a TiVo user, it is great your Roamio is working out for you.

To answer your question - You could transfer and stream content between two Roamios on the same network and same account. However, each device requires an active subscription.

A TiVo Mini (hint hint -> http://electronics.woot.com/offers/tivo-mini-9?ref=el_cnt_wp_0_2 would do the same thing without needing a additional subscription.

Lol. The small print section is longer than the features section.

So what do you actually get for your subscription fee?

Monthly TiVo service is required for the Roamio OTA to function.

From time-to-time, you can find offers for TiVo Roamio which include serivce - like on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OLDNNRO/ at $299.99 or more.

Well, size ain’t everything.

Is there a lifetime service option for this TiVo? Cost?

Woot is offering this refurbished unit as you see it - monthly service required.

The description says it will work with cable. I don’t think this model will.

I have an “in-house channel” on analog channel 64 that I used with my old Series 2 and that I still record (manual time/channel) on my Series 4. When it was new, my Premiere also would allow me to manually record it, but it refuses to admit that analog channel 64 exists anymore.

Can a TiVo Roamio OTA receive an analog channel (currently 64, but I could fill out a change requisition – they just don’t have the ability to encode it to digital)? If it has the capability of receiving an analog channel, can manual recordings by time/channel be set up (as there will never be guide data for what is in effect a closed-circuit analog “broadcast”)?

(I’d really hate to have to go with something like a Channel Master setup once the Series 4 dies, but it’s flakier by the week, so something’s got to change soon.)

From the second small print section(emphasis mine):

OK, so a subscription is required for this to function at all. Besides that, what do I get? TV Guide? I understand that Netflix would require an internet connection. Do I need an internet connection in order to get the guide information or is it delivered OTA?
Some additional questions:
Can this be set to record in 720p?
How many programs can be recorded simultaneously(how many tuners)?
Can you stream one recording while the Roamio is recording another channel?
Is the hard drive user servicable? In other words, if the drive dies, can I swap in a replacement?


Hi TiVoTom, I have a brand new TiVo Premiere XL High Definition THX Certified DVR I bought here on WOOT back in 2011 still in the box… (sitting somewhere in our basement) why you ask? Neighbors tree hit our house just after and it was ~6mo to get things fixed… by then we opted to stay w/our u-Verse setup…

My question is, if I pull this out… all I need to do is hook it to our free air antenna and get a TiVo subscription to make it work?

I assume it’s still a supported unit? Thanks… -j

Where are you getting 299? I see 399?

Thanks. The Roamio OTA does NOT work with cable, only over-the-air HD signals via an HD antenna.

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I bought the cable/OTA model over a year ago for the standard $149 and love it.

I also got the Mini refurb the last time it was offered and love it too. It sometimes hangs and channel changing is noticeably slower than on the main unit but I’m not sure whether that’s the device or the network connection from which it’s receiving its feed.

All in all a great combo to own.

Got it. Let me know if I missed something.

How many tuners does the streaming on sale today have?

I have a Roamio Plus. Would I be able to use the HDD as a backup if mine fails? Would it be as easy as just swapping it out? At this price would you recommend it or is there a better alternative?