TiVo Series 2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder



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TiVo Series 2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 TiVo R54080 Series2 80 Hour Digital Video Recorder

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this woot makes me tired… good thing the weekends here… and check useful linkage for the comparison links… hope all is well in wootland… cuz this one makes me worry… too good to be true… hehe.


Still do not understand. You can get a free DVR with almost any package for Direct TV.


Can this HDD be upgraded though ?


Awesome product, but often on sale for under $70 at CompUSA where I bought mine for $30 after rebate.


Doh, once my series 1 dies, I’ll surely buy one of these


not dual-tuner. dang it.


This appears not to be a dual tuner! Just FYI! I love my Tivo S3 btw!


Do you have to pay a monthly/yearly fee to simply record TV? Or is that only for a scheduler or something?


oh man! this is a great deal!

i just wish i had cable… we still have rabbit ears. can’t justify getting this…

if you do get it, do you still have to pay the maintenance fee to your cable company if you are not renting a tivo from them?




sound like a pretty good deal compared to froogle prices
but thats of course without $170 rebate


So in your mind, paying $30 after rebate is BETTER THAN making $35 after rebate?

This is a great deal for someone who wants to try Tivo. Free equipment and money towards the monthly fees. I dont think you’ll find a better deal around since you are getting paid to buy the Tivo.


NO HD Capabilities and requires a monthly subscription.

GO Dish DVR works better and is HD


tivo rebates arent valid on ebay purchases.


Our hosehold CANNOT live without our TIVO!

Once you have one you WILL be addicted!

This one has no CAT 5 port, so if you don’t have a wireless network you will have to buy the CAT 5 adaptor. $30 at Tivo


“Remember that when you’re on your deathbed wishing you could spend one more day with your grandkids.”

and think how much time you’d save by not watching tv at all!


no dual tuner…no deal. The first TiVo I had lasted exactly a year and then died. Went with the cable DVR at $10/month and no cost for hardware


You can get a DVR from your cable operator and may pay less, but most folks who have owned a TiVo will tell you that it is the gold standard for PVRs. Nothing else is as easy to use or as reliable. Even when greedy network programming executives move your favorite programs from night to night, TiVo will hunt them down and record them. Nothing else is as good.