TiVo Series 3 High Definition 250GB THX Certified DVR

good deal

woo tivo…sweet deal


My Verizon DVR comes with a 30GB hard drive.
Screw you Verizon.

Tivo Yea!

A refurbished DVR… how exciting!


See, this is more like it!

For all that refurbished HD action!

Seems that woot even found a way to break the wootwatch app this time around; looks like no peeing for me this wootoff.

/don’t break the seal

what is THX certified?

WHAT? it comes with an HDMI cable? this deal is amazing then! since HDMI cables are 99 dollars at some local stores which shall not be named, you’re really only paying 70$! :wink:


I purchased one of these during a past woot, and LOVE IT! This is a great piece of electronics. I ditched my satellite, and use this just for a DVR for antenna only reception. I have not been dissapointed at all.

Oh yummy…another thing in my life that i have to pay a yearly fee to use

is there some sort of DVR shortage in oregon?

Got my fingers crossed for a sweet radar detector…

Is it possible to swap/upgrade the hard drive in this DVR?

Bought one of these last time. Made it about a month before it stopped working. Still within the warrantee but I have to send it in and wait for a replacement. The warrantee gets renewed for the replacement but still…