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The mothership has new, not refurbs for 1/2 the price. Somebody definitely missed on this one


Different model. You’re linking to the TiVo Roamio OTA for Antennas.

We’re selling the TiVo Roamio for Digital Cable (also works with OTA)

$60 less than the Tivo website for the Roamio Pro. This is making me sorely tempted to pull the trigger to update my Premiere. We LOVE our TiVos - and the Roamio Pro/Tivo Mini combo works great with our home network.

Bought the plus system and minis from tivo a few weeks ago. I am loving it. My old whole house Time Warner DVR system was full of problems, I was very happy to upgrade.

Hi, TT. To clarify, only the lowest-priced model selling here works with OTA. This is both in the specs, and also gleaned from last week’s discussion. Also gleaned (I don’t know from personal experience, as I have an older Tivo myself), apparently it can’t record both OTA and cable simultaneously. But people should look into that themselves, I am not the expert. (I just have a good memory for some things.)

What external storage devices do these work with? I know my current Tivos required a specific model of WD drive to work.

Received my Roamio Plus today and it is damaged. It looks like it was damaged due to poor packing versus in transit. They used broken styrofoam that was missing a piece for one of the bottom corners. That bottom corner and the face plate on that corner are caved in. Used support form and hoping for quick reply.

I was going to buy the TiVo Roamio OTA next month when I cut the cord. This is a better option, so I bought the $99 box which supports CableCard. Now if I decide to go back to cable, I can still use it.

Roamios require the same WD esata external drive as earlier Tivos.

And this one is not locked into a $14.95 plan like the $49 OTA from BestBuy and the mothership.

( Shame on me for my earlier post and not knowing Tivo made an even more baseline model Roamio for OTA)

These are supposed to come with the Tivo 90day warranty, so you might be just as well off contacting Tivo directly for replacement.

But… you don’t need to worry about external drives. Pull the original one for safekeeping, then drop in up to 3TB and it just formats itself.


Does the cheapest one have built in wifi? Thanks

Yes. Per the specs:

Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi

Here’s a Comparison Chart that might help.

Anyone know if the Roamio Plus will take a cable card?

Woah. That’s pretty awesome, I did not know that.

Yes it does. Additionally it comes with instructions on how to install it in addition to the getting started guide.

Bought the TIVO Pro in the Fall, updating from a Premiere that lost its HDMI connection and would randomly turn on and off after it was, I believe, struck by lightning. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much. Boy, was it worth it. I never have to worry about filling it up and I never have to time shift programs, even on those busy Sunday nights. At this price, it’s definitely a no-brainer. Getting it set up was pretty easy. I did have one technical problemw with the cablecard and tuning adapter (and my local cable company knows jack about how those operate), but I did a lot of research and figured it out. I would buy again again in a heartbeat.

FYI, now you can get Amazon Prime videos through TIVO, and if you use your moca network, rather than the straight wireless, there is no buffering with amazon or netflix.

Yes it will take a cable card.