TiVo Systems

How did this item sell out? There is no sold history of who and where any were sold.

Oops. Check back!

I bought the pro last time around and it went out in a week! Sent it back to Tivo and they sent me another refurb, that went out in two days. I’m on my next refurb! I own many other tivo’s and never had a problem!

FWIW, I bought a refurb TiVo Premier in 2011 (from woot) and it’s still going strong, never had a problem with it.

Can you get a lifetime warranty with this Tivo Roamio?

Warranty, no. But you can buy a SquareTrade 1-yr extended protection plan.

Did you mean lifetime service (subscription)?

Yes that’s what I meant.

Good for you. I have 3 mini’s and 5 Tivo and have had no problems except non of them were refurbs.

Only $50ish more for new regular and plus…$70ish more for pro.

Think I would go with new ones…