TLC Cabernet/Shiraz Six - Pack

TLC Cabernet/Shiraz Six - Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 6 2007 TLC Cabernet/ Shiraz
CT link above

Wow! I was the first sucker! Do I win a prize?

Of course no Connecticut again not that this one really excites me anyway.

I’ve tried looking but I’ve had no luck finding the vineyard’s website (if they have one).

pH is 360? Did I miss out on a new version of the scale?

Good price. If it’s not so great, summer BBQ season is coming up and nobody remembers who brought “that” bottle.

interesting blend, never seen one like it before

anyone tried something like this?

Screw cap?

Yeah but I think the other people doing the Sip n’ Sail would notice if I tried using this up on them. :slight_smile:

Six-pack, which means it’s a lot of a fairly cheap wine. With the most restrictive state list I’ve seen in a while.

Somehow I think this will be a low sales deal.

In for one, putting my faith in Woot;)

You might be interested in a thread that Richardhod wrote up a great post about screw caps here which also includes links to other older threads on the topic.

WTG Pernst!

At less than $10 a bottle shipped, I’d better see every single person who complains that the wines offered are too expensive to be in for the max.

That said, the price makes me want to break the SIWBM and grab a pack.

I agree especially when it’s a unknown name winery with no apparent website and as far as I can tell no reviews or anything to be found. Probably a good choice for the risk takers and those who trust woot enough to try something new on faith.

The stelvin closures make the risk of the wine being bad because of poor treatment (= cheap wine) far less. Lest we forget KR’s take from last week on the matter:

Shiraz and cabernet blends are seen a lot in Aussie reds, often with a bit of merlot.

Edit: There’s something fishy about these avatars.

Care for a drop of water with your ammonium hydroxide?

I was waiting for a good 6-pack :slight_smile: Thx ww!

Hoping to rat this. I’m a poor college student, so $55 is tough, but it IS only $9.16 per bottle, shipped.

No rats for 2nd or 3rd offerings of the week unless the 3rd is included in the rat packs for the 1st offering.