TLC Cabernet/Shiraz - Six Pack

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I believe this doesn’t suck, even though it’s Cab-Shiraz! Klez loves it, as I think does Av1g. And it’s cheap! bonobojones the winemaker handpicked the barrels in Australia for this, rather than the bulk approach of most Aussie-oriented wines. That did impress me, and if I were buying value wine this would quite probably be it!

Here’s INTLGerard’s volrat report!

In the absence of rats…Volrat report…
Admittedly, I do favor wines from the Limestone Coast in South Australia where it is cooler and retains higher acidity and ripe bright fruit flavors. I am happy to report this bottle of Teenda Lavan Cyeh exceeded my expectations given the quality at this price. The wine yielded silky soft tannins, bright berry and cherry fruit, spice, minty floral notes and good acidity keeping the wine lively with ample body and long length. I’m guessing there is likely there is some Coonawarra fruit here with the mentioned Terra Rossa soil and the minty floral notes present, both signatures in this part of the Limestone Coast. This would not be surprising as the region is well known for its exceptional quality reds, specifically Shiraz and Cabernet. Given the quality and the price, I would consider this an excellent deal…IMO and very fitting for the approaching summer Barbie season. Hope this helps!

meh. Pretty gross wine IMO. The bottles we had ranged from really gross to drinkable if desperate.

“If you’re drunk when the package shows up, you will not be allowed to receive it”

Sorry, I only buy my beverages when I’m too drunk to remember how much I spent. leaves

Will ask the obvious now or later question

A few reviews by Wooters from the last offering. Sounds a bit acidic.

For the Price, to me It’s a great wine!
Bought this last Wine-Woot-off and loved it.

I liked this wine - but no more than a similarly priced bottle that I could pick up at the grocery, costco or cost plus.

In terms of pure QPR I think this is one of the best wines woot has featured. Take a look at the cellartracker notes:
Cellar Tracker

Here you’ll find a very solid red for cheaper than even what you’d find at the grocer on discount (at least amongst the drinkable stuff). I’m almost through the case I ordered back in April and was happy to grab another now.

At this price, you’d bet on a now, but see what the winemaker said!

LOL, so about 12hours into the W.W-off and still not a bottle of White offered. …sigh…

Yep, for the price this is fantastic stuff and great to have around. I’ll take one, only because I still have five bottles left from the last Woot-Off.

I have to wonder, though, how much of this wine did Woot get? We’ve already gone through 875 cases between the original offer and last Woot-Off.

Picked up a case last time this was available and I have zero complaints. Everyone who has tried the TLC with us has had nothing but good things to say. Plus the label is cute.

I thought this was a good QPR wine - much better than what you get at the grocery store for $9.
I would order again if I didn’t already have 3 other shipments in transit to the ATL during the heat of August… and the memories of one cooked shipment from last summer…

some of the reviews someone jsut linked to suggest the bottles may have been a little inconsistent. but generally minerally (yum) and if they started out with alcoholliness, they ended up an hour or three later with more fruit, with about an hour decanting being optimal.

I’m half-tempted: What was your experience in more detail?

i agree… tlc has some great qpr wines… great buy if you want to have a summer bbq wine…

Crossing my fingers for a Gruner Veltliner! This deal seems pretty good, though I’d prefer to jump on three or four bottles at a time and get a larger variety.

I wonder too.

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