TLC Cabernet/Shiraz - Six Pack

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Bah, this stuff is my kryptonite, and I’m betting this is the last time we’ll see it. Pretty hard to argue with a $105 case, and I’m in for my third, to get me through the winter. :happy:

Origin is listed as Australia yet this is a paso robles wine…did the vines originate in Australia?


thx Night Ghost

How long, give or take a few days, does it take a wine.woot shipment to arrive? Regular woot stuff seems to be shipped at camel speed and I am thinking about sending a wine gift to a friend for a birthday a few weeks off.

Got this previously twice before, no complaints. Can beat the $5 or $7 now shipping on a case to Florida. My main concern is that it ships out on a Monday.

Short version - the winemakers work for Calcareous Vineyards in Paso, and made this wine (and a Chardonnay) on a surfing trip to Australia.

The company is in California, the wine is from Australia.

is this a good deal? their website makes it look like this is pretty low end stuff.

You’d think they would at least cut the price by $5 when they subsequently put it up…

This stuff has been around longer than the screaming monkey!

It won’t knock your socks off, but it’s the best $9 bottle of wine you’ll ever have.

Still can’t get this to come to Michigan :frowning:

D’Arenberg Stump Jump 2008 GSM Red is pretty good for $9 – even made WS Top 100 – but getting harder to find now.

I bought some last time, and enjoyed it very much. Not the depth of a lot of offerings, but very quaffable. I’m in for another.

I really enjoyed this wine, it’s a great QPR, and the mineral flavor is very unique (and enjoyable) at this price point.

Oh happy day!
I was present at the right time this time!!!
I got me a 2fer of TLC.

I love love love this wine!

It is good. The last six pack I got is gone but not forgotten. In for one.

I’ve been good all day, and haven’t succumbed to any of the other offers–until now.

In for a case.

Gull-durn it Connecticut!!! I want some TLC. Stop being the buzz-kill state.