TLC Cabernet/Shiraz - Six Pack Woot Info Post - welcome to the eternal woot-off

TLC Cabernet/Shiraz - Six Pack - $49.99 + $5 shipping shipping

6 * 2007 TLC Cabernet/ Shiraz

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Got this last woot-off after several of you praised it. Still laying down, so I can’t comment.

I get this every time, so I’m well-stocked.

I have two bottles left from a previous wooting…and while the QPR is quite good on this, and it’s a very decent table wine, I just don’t like it enough to buy more.

Can’t comment either.
I split this with a friend and haven’t had any yet.

I really have enjoyed this wine, it’s a great bang for the buck, however I have over a case of it in my cellar already and I have more wine than space now. I’m near 300 bottles.

I’ll pass on this.

Woo Hoo, first sucker!

Did Woot get every case made of this wine?

This is a great everyday drinker - way more unique than anything you can get for the same price where I live. SWMBO loves it, so I’m in for at least 1.

TLC Cabernet/Shiraz - Six Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
6 2007 TLC Cabernet/ Shiraz

CT link above.

In for 1, seems like too good of a deal to pass up.

Got it last time. Great for a sub $10 bottle.

In for 1 as well (first wine.woot!) Seems to be a good QPR, well reviewed by all and I’m in need of some more reds for my stock anyways. Besides, if I like this I have a new winery to add to my “to watch” list.

I love this stuff for the price. Skipped it last time as I still had some left over from the first Woot, but I’m all out now, so I’m buying more!

my wallet is safe

CT Link

great qpr, but i’m also at a point (in terms of storage) where i need more than qpr to buy a wine…

what about some wine racks, root?

Same here. I’ve got it stacked in a closet. But I’m in for one more. Liked it last time.

And I was hoping for Corison… imagine my disappointment! :frowning: