TLC Cabernet/Shiraz - Six Pack

Ooo I love this stuff! Already have 11 bottles hanging around though.

Well, shoot - I’ve bought this twice so far. Maybe it’s time to go for the hat trick.

I have a couple bottles left from last time… so no sale, but these are tasty!

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I ran out, so I’m in for 2 fershizzle!

This is some VERY good cheap juice. The QPR is outstanding, I would expect to pay in the $15-$20 range at least for wine of this quality.

There is some bottle variation with these. However, at $9/bottle shipped, I think you would be hard pressed to find a wine with the complexity that this has. Is it incredibly complex? Of course not. Is it beyond grape juice? Yes. And it has a really nice minerality bite to it.

Just bought one, but I’m moving in 23 days… I hope the winery gets this on the way pronto!

Sorry about the EWN misfire. Twas a gltch. In my brain :slight_smile:

Damn. A case of these and a case of the copas. Guess I’m tapped out for this wootoff. Woulda liked to hold on for some nicer stuff but I’m in dire need of some cheap drinking wine for “the others”

YES!!! Great bargain. As per woot rules I am mentioning the SIWBM now that I am breaking it.

I purchased these last time. IMHO this is some pretty bad juice. I know people have made the argument that the QPR makes this deal worth it; however, I’ve found much better wine at half the price (mainly at my local TJ’s). Maybe I had a bad stash. I would feel bad offering any of this to my guest.

Most of the comments recommend this wine, however even at the price, I’m going to have to try a single bottle first before purchasing 6. Yes, even at $9 per bottle. I’ve obviously heard of tlc but have never tried it.

What is the drinkability of this wine? ASAP? Sometime this year, Now or later? Very interested especially based on the comments I have read. Thanks.

We had 4 last year, all of them were great. So I’m assuming it’s just like a normal everyday drinker and you’ll be out before any can age. :slight_smile:

I would say ASAP. It was a reasonable with-dinner wine, but it’s nothing to take to a tasting. QPR is good, but the structure isn’t there to age well. Drink it early, drink it often.

Different strokes for different folks. I was hesitant, but I brought this and about 14 other wines to Thanksgiving and out of them all, I thought this one was drinking the best. List included 2005 Ladera Cab and other wines in the $20 range.

Too bad they’re not shipping to Michigan. I was excited to make my first buy of this woot-off.

I bought this last time it was offered and just finished off the last bottle the other day. It’s good for that “I just want a glass of somewhat-bold red but don’t want to open one of my good bottles” feeling. I have that feeling a lot, so I went through the 6 bottles pretty quickly.

I can’t say I agree with those who say it’s phenomenal QPR, nor those who say it’s bad. It’s about what you’d expect from a $10 to $15 bottle of red blend, so it’s a good value at $9/bottle. I’m tempted to buy another 6-pack, but I think I’ll wait and see what comes up and try something new during this woot-off.