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TLC Chardonnay - 6 Pack [White] - $49.99 + $7.00 shipping shipping

6 * 2008 TLC Chardonnay

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TLC Chardonnay - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping
PRODUCT: 6 2008 TLC Chardonnay

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Reporting because I think it’s a good discussion started here:

I complete agree. Particularly for people like me who prefer the fruit-forward, in your face style. The old-world style certainly has its place, but I have a healthy appreciation for – and often times, a preference – for a more California/international/quasi-parker style.


Hahaha, well done.

not for me but people liked this. Good BBQ stuff, Aussie-inspired. Strewth!

Stalk the winemaker

Well, they can’t ship to CT so I’m safe :slight_smile:

definitely good value…
would have been in for as much as woot would allow to bring to a beach bbq i’m helping organize… but there is a strict no glass policy…

was my go-to everyday white this summer until i opened a bottle of white zeppelin…

The style of this TLC is, IMO, a popular style. I’m not crazy about it, but my far less wine-snob mom and fiance very much enjoyed it. Not too much acid or complexity, but certainly easy drinking.

Outstanding! The Wife, who is not always a Chardonnay fan, and who hates oaky Chardonnay particularly, just ADORED this wine from it’s previous woot - so I ordered again!

Connecticut wants its TLC ! ! ! shows one bottle for $10.00, so you’re getting one for free (plus shipping of course)

My notes:

I only have four bottles left from a full case, as this is basically my go-to everyday white. Basic, fruity, and acidic, unlike the butter bombs SWMBO prefers, whenever we’re eating a dinner that calls for white, I’ll throw one in the fridge for myself, drink a third of the bottle, and finish it up over the next few days. No need for more with summer winding down and plenty of other whites left on the rack, but definitely recommended for anyone in dire need of a nice easy drinker to get you through into fall.

Not just Aussie inspired but Aussie grown!

2nd (3rd?) this. Each wine really does have its time and place. Sometimes I want a fruit bomb that is bursting with all kinds of flavors (that hopefully go well together), and there are many really very good wines that are made in this fashion (especially in California!) which can lose something with too much cellaring. And then sometimes I want something that is more traditional and muted/balanced (and that consequently will reward more time in the cellar), not jumping out in my face but instead expressing far subtler flavors that really let you think about how the wine fits together.

I suppose most people are just in either one camp or the other, but I like both (not at the same time though, of course!) depending on my mood and/or the food.

don’t go chasing waterfalls…

IF only the Masshules in my state would make it legal to ship it to Boston I would be in on this.

include the link to the thread too, maybe roughlywhere the strand started! Great idea.

I’m certainly trying to broaden the palate and appreciate the introduction to the Ty end of things, though I haven’t had any of his old enough to like (08 PS… tooo bitter) yet.

Ageing is a preference, but it works best with old-world style wines with their deeper structure, the best of which don’t work when drunk young (as you know).

I’m not keeping any of my International-style buys for much longer than 5 years or so, though I’ll take guidance on the hybrids! That’s the thing… some are in between the camps… like the Calcareous, a high-alcohol but not fruit-bomby wine: and there’s the rub! It’s not an either-or!

Ooh a 6pack…thats a lot of vino.
Not my style though.

Damn. No crap for me. Just a bunch of 503s.