TLC Chardonnay - 6 Pack

TLC Chardonnay - 6 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
6 2008 TLC Chardonnay
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Previous offer:

Tempting. Not great, but not bad either. Just a good, stripped down, clean, crisp Chardonnay. If I still lived in Florida and had two months of summer left I’d probably get some more.

Um… I heard this stuff was pretty good.

well, I DO live in Florida - in for two. just finished my last bottle from the last woot-off. thanks, woot!

drinking some now and in for 2 more…WD I’m broke…please let me go to sleep before more good juice shows up after the bill collector :O)

Bought this on wine.woot a few months back. My wife and I weren’t thrilled with it, preferring acacia, bogle, chateau set Michelle, pepper wood, firestone and other chardonnays in roughly same price range. The firestone chardonnay on wine.woot was a great deal

I think it was last offered in May:

Same price.

…and my credit card hurts from all of these white wines!

Actually not a bad Chardonnay, just not the time of year…

The lights are out, this may be the end…

Bought this one last time it was offered. Good, clean, crisp, fruit flavors. I enjoyed it. Nice deal at around $9 per bottle.

It’s not terrible but I do still have two bottles of this.
I gave two away and poured nearly half of one down the drain. Comes with a wicked head buzz and stays with me the next day.

Not bad drinking just not my cup of tea…err chardonnay.

I did however woot the TLC Cabernet-Shiraz earlier today. A friend from Oz told me once they keep the good stuff and send the crap to the States, haha.

Maybe one more couldn’t hurt, since my case order for the Cab/Shiraz didn’t go through yesterday. Have to support these guys, you know, any way I can. :tongue:

They keep the good stuff. And sell the majority of juice in boxes there. Amazing, you still cant get decent box wine here-must be the glass mafia.

A couple of these are decent: I forget which ones, though.

Still going off here. Bring on the Clif Climber red one more time.

I would like to see one really good one maybe an Iron Horse??

The Clif Climber white is excellent I haven’t tried the red.

They dont have a locator or online sales.

Check this out from France. I want to do this here but would end up like a Kennedy.

Purportedly they’re available in some grocery stores. I don’t remember which ones, though. I went to the oddest wine tasting, at a trendy bar with all kinds of weird lighting and thumpa-thumpa lounge music, where they served Octavin wine in Riedel glasses. Very strange. Like I said, a couple of them were good; the rest were just…boxed wine. Such as it is.

And the wine pump is ruddy brilliant. I’m guessing they’d frown upon just pumping it straight into your mouth.